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Do you want to learn to make a few bucks using PPV right away?

Hey guys! It has been three months already since I told you guys I decided to do the PPV training course. Actually, I started creating this video course in December last year but it took a lot of effort and time to finish it—about three and a half months. There are many processes I had […]

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Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle in Singapore!

Hey hey hey! I just got back from Singapore. I’m a bit tired, but I don’t want to miss writing the blog post for this week. One of my new year’s resolutions is to write a new blog post once a week. I already missed one post last month, and I don’t want to miss […]

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Four Common Mistakes That Newbies Usually Make When They Purchase Paid Traffic

I have received many messages from my readers and found that most of them describe the same problems. Here are the four common most mistakes that newbies make: 1. Starting With a High Payout Offer Many of my readers just start promoting CPA offers using paid traffic. I found that many of them go for […]

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Simple Way To Double Your Campaigns Income

The following is a guest post from my friend Luke Jasiak. He’s the CEO & Co-founder of BoxOfAds, the best PPV spy tool on earth. If you’re interested in the simple way to double your income I think you will really enjoy what he has to say. Hey Bank readers, I wanted to thank Bank for giving me […]

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Five Things to Do When Your Offer Stops Firing

I bet many people are familiar with the situation when your top offer stops converting. In fact, affiliate marketing is a rollercoaster ride. Campaigns are often up and down affairs. For a while, an offer might generate $1,000 a day, but then stop firing for no apparent reason. Sometimes, the conversions return for no reason, […]

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