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WAIT! Before You Go I Have a SPECIAL OFFER For You…



How I Bank Up To $800+ A Day With Fun CPA Gaming Offers And How You Can Do The Same!

Still struggling to make money with CPA offers?

How A Game Obsessed Computer Nerd Turned Into A CPA Superstar Making $800 A Day Promoting Fun Gaming Offers…

And How You Can Quickly Setup Your Own Profitable Campaign Today!

Hey there, My name is Bank and I’m a full time CPA marketer. Over the last few months I’ve been absolutely killing it with CPA game offers. They’re fun to promote and convert like crazy. But when I first started CPA marketing it was incredibly frustrating.

I Was Chasing Shiny Objects And Wasting My Money

I jumped from niche to niche… …bought product after product desperately searching for that magic bullet. I spent a lot of time and money implementing methods and “loopholes” without much success. It got to a stage where I was about to give up. But deep down I knew that if I could just find the right niche I could really make this work.

Games Are Fun.

Earning Money From Them Is Even MORE Fun!

I love playing games online… Actually, and I’ll be the first to admit…I’ve wasted a GREAT deal of time playing them instead of working! I’d never thought about making money online by promoting them. One day I was looking for an offer to promote and one jumped out at me…it was a game. Worth a shot, I thought. I’d learned about PPV in the past so I figured I’d setup a small campaign to see what happened. After running the initial campaign my stats looked good. So I kept at it. This was the first time I’d actually had positive results from a CPA campaign like this. Before long I was making good money with CPA offers… I was getting a positive ROI on my campaigns. It seriously snowballed from there. Just have a look at these current results:

$831.80 In A Single Day

I’d like to show you exactly how to do the same.

Introducing: PPV Game Killer

PPVGameKillerPPV Game Killer is a detailed 41 page guide outlining everything you need to know to dominate gaming CPA offers by using PPV traffic. I’ll take you from start to finish and you’ll discover what you need to so to bank with CPA gaming offers. You’ll also get instant access to my 35 pages PPV For Beginners book. If you’re new to PPV this is the fastest way to get started. Inside you’ll discover:

  • The best type of game offers to promote (so you know they’ll convert like crazy!)
  • Top 3 CPA networks to find game offers
  • The 3 most important tools for you to use to analyse your demographics so that you KNOW your offer will convert…
  • How to come up with your angle so that you separate yourself from the competition (and dramatically cut your costs in the process)
  • What you need to remember about high trafficked websites (this alone can save you a ton of money on advertising costs)
  • A weird trick to choosing websites for your PPV campaign that actually increases conversions…
  • The simple 6 step process to getting your PPV setup and ready to rock
  • Exactly what you need to do to design the perfect landing page to ensure that your campaign converts like crazy
  • A smart trick that will help you build your landing pages so that they work perfectly with the pages you’re bidding on (this drastically increases your conversions)
  • The 6 elements you need to know about to create the perfect landing page
  • Real life example of how an ugly landing page out converted a professional looking landing page…
  • How to effectively and professionally track your campaigns to maximize your ROI
  • How to choose the right hosting for your tracking needs
  • Two different types of tracking software to help you keep a close eye on your profits…
  • The 7 things you need to make sure you track for a successful campaign
  • 8 possible scenarios you will come across with your campaigns and exactly what you need to do to ensure that you optimize for a maximum ROI
  • How to take PPV traffic to the next level and scale up!

Bonus: Beginners Guide To PPV

NewbieGuide If you’re new to PPV then I’ve got you covered! You’ll also get access to my 35 pages “Beginners Guide To PPV” where you’ll discover everything you need to know about this lucrative traffic source. No guess work required. A solid business model that you can implement today.

100% Risk Free Guarantee

I’m going to take all the risk so you don’t have to. Try out PPV Game Killer risk free for 30 days. If you don’t setup a successful campaign by implementing what you learn I’ll happily refund you every penny of this small investment. Do yourself a favor and try though…your bank balance will thank you. Here’s What You’re Getting

  • PPV Game Killer (Value $27)
  • Beginners Guide To PPV (Value $27)
  • Free Updates For Life
  • Unrivaled Support

All for only: PPV Game Killer




Originally Posted by littlemilly

i bought this and went over it and i have to say, its extensive. it clearly explains what PPV is, the best providers and how to maximise your ROI! i will def put it to use and see if i get similar results to OP..If you are new to CPA or maybe thinking of going after the games niche then you will find this useful.

Originally Posted by MaximumROI

Hey guys, Great course… Can you please fix the opt-in form issue on the download page – Step 1? Thanks a lot, Max

Originally Posted by Jenna619

I have been wanting to get into the gaming niche for some time ..I am gonna check this out for sure.

Originally Posted by kkrueger

This is well written, well laid out, both the PPV Game Killer and the upgrade with landing page case studies are excellent. I am not a PPV person, but a PPC person could also use the information regarding these CPA offers.  I don’t leave reviews very often, but this one deserves it!  Hope this helps others. Karen

Originally Posted by artgirl

Just wanted to let you know that we love your WSO and your amazing technique of using PPV! The main GOLDEN NUGGET that I am very excited about is the way you teach us “marketing angles” to find similar demographics websites related to the product we are promoting. Thank you so much for your powerful information.


Thanks for taking the time to check this out.

I look forward to helping you make a lot of money promoting gaming offers with PPV traffic.


P.S. This offer won’t be available at this price for too much longer. If you’re serious about setting up a lucrative CPA campaign promoting gaming offers I highly recommend that you click on the buy button now.

PPV Game Killer