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About Me

meHi! My name is Bank. I’m an Internet marketer from Thailand and I’ve been working in this business since 2008. This blog aims to write about my updates and various Internet marketing techniques.

AlcheBank.com comes from the combination of Alchemist and my nickname, Bank. At the time I launched this blog, I was addicted to Full Metal Alchemist, which is a Japanese anime. My idea was that the alchemist needed some compensation something to make a new thing so it likes that you need to spend money for paid traffic to make money so I follow this word with my name, Bank. Lol

I started Internet marketing business in 2008 and tried many things that people say can make money online. Anyway, I found that different people would have their own style and technique of running their particular Internet marketing business. One might be able to make money with SEO while others might not. Since I’ve tried many methods, and I finally found that PPV marketing is very suited to me and that’s why I mostly focus on PPV and CPA marketing only.

My objective is to make a living online and work for myself. I worked as a salary employee for a month because my parent wanted me to get some job experience. After that, I realized that making money this way is not for me. I wouldn’t say it’s not a good job, but I would say it’s too comfortable. I was scared that if I stayed in this comfort zone too long, I might not want to leave the job and work on my own. Consequently, I quit my job after one month and never thought about going back again.

Anyway, in late 2013, I found that we cannot make money from CPA forever. I intensively tested more than 200 offers in 2-3 months and discovered that it’s very easy to make $1,000 a day. However, I found that the length of these offers are generally very short. Before I’d go to bed, I’d get an email about expired offers. By the time I woke up, I found that many of these offers had reached their cap. So, if I need to make an instant $1,000 a day, I have to keep testing new offers every day in order to replace the expired ones with the new winners.

I know myself, and I know I’m too lazy to do this type of work every day, so I found a new way to make money from Internet marketing over the long term. I definitely didn’t quit PPV, but I did change the way I make money from it. Also, I always look for new treasures that can generate a living online from long term.