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Which offers work well with PPV Traffic?

Hi all,

Since I have launched WSO, PPV Game Killer, many customers keep asking me this question: “Which offers work well with PPV traffic?” Well, I would say that all offers could be converted using PPV traffic. It all depends on testing. Anyway, I usually have luck with “Cost Per Lead” offers, or any offers that pay you when visitors submit their information. Cost Per Sale offers, which are converted when visitors purchase something, are a bit more difficult, but some work well with PPV traffic.

So, what I’m usually looking for is an offer that has two or three levels of conversion. I don’t know what they’re called, but it’s a kind of offer that has three different payout options.

  • Cost Per Lead – visitors submit their information and we get commission
  • Cost Per Sale (Free Trial) – visitors can pay a partial price to get a free trial of the product
  • Cost Per Sale (Full price) – visitors need to pay full price for that product

Anyway, some offers don’t have a Free Trial type, but they sometimes offer a second page submit, which will be converted after visitors submit their information in both the first and second pages.

MyPCBackup is one example of the offers I’m talking about. If you check this offer on your CPA Network, you’ll find there are two types to this offer:


The first type will be converted after visitors submit their information and create an account in the first page, while, the second type will pay commission to you when the visitor purchases products through your affiliate link. Definitely, the second one will offer a much higher payout then the first one. Most advertisers are happy when publishers promote the second type for them because they can surely make money. Some of you may be curious why you run the cost per lead offers in the first few days. It’s because you can make many conversions during that time, but after that there are no conversions, despite you using the same traffic. Yes, the advertisers cannot make money with your leads, so they scrub some leads that have low quality.

If you can find any offers that have two or three different payout options, I’d suggest you to try them first. You might start from cost per lead offer to test whether it’ll convert or not. When you find that there are some conversions, you might try to test the next level of this offer, which is the “cost per sale” type. If you see there are many competitors for targets you’re bidding on, and the bid price is very high, it might mean that the “cost per sale” type of offer might work as well. So, you should test it as soon as you can, even if you can generate lots of money with the “cost per lead” offer.

These are some tips for you to start promoting CPA offers using PPV traffic. Anyway, you might apply this technique to any traffic source as well. Okay, see you in the next post!

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