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How to Squeeze More Profit From Your Profitable Offers

Making more profit from proven profitable offers is easier than creating new ones. Recently, I’ve focused more on how to make the most from the profitable offers I have because I’m too lazy to find new products and test whether they work or not. Scaling the existing offers helps you make more money from doing less.

As there are many offers on the market, let me use my internet marketing product, PPV Profit System, as an example in this article. These are three steps I use to scale my campaigns up.

Identify your new audience

The first thing to do is to think about the new groups of people who might be interested in your product. There are many groups of people you can find on the internet. Let me divide them into three groups for my product.

set of stylized silhouettes of people: men and women.

  1. Subscribers: These are the groups of people who subscribe to my blog. Most of them already know me and internet marketing very well. It’s quite easy to explain my PPV Profit System to them because they know what PPV is.
  2. Prospects: These are a group of people who are interested in making money from the internet but have no idea how to start. Many people from this group don’t know me yet. Some of them might make money with the PPC or SEO but do not know exactly what PPV is yet. We can find these people on IM forums or general “making money online”
  3. Strangers: These people don’t know about your product at all. When I tell them about internet marketing, they will say, “What the heck is that about?”

These are the examples of people that I’m going to sell my products to. If you are promoting a video course about losing weight from home, you might divide your audience into three groups of people as well.

They might be people who really want to lose weight, such as fat people, people who should lose weight to look good such as the businessmen or people who are about to go to a wedding, and then there are people who never even thought about losing weight before.

Identifying the new audience will help you have an idea of where you can promote your products. Don’t just stick to a narrow group of people who are interested in the product because sometimes the amount of traffic is too small. Find broader groups of people and think about how you can make them interested in your offer.

Create a bridge page

After you’ve identified your audience, the next thing to do is think about a way to send your product to these people. We have to serve our product in different ways to different people because they have different demographics.

For example, if I promote my PPV Profit System to my subscribers, I simply send the sale page to them because they understand what I write in the sale page. In contrast, if I send the same page to people who don’t know me or about internet marketing, they will not understand and close the page immediately.

That’s why we need to create a ‘bridge page’ for different kinds of people.

The bridge page is the landing page that will link your product with your audience. We use different bridges for different people.

Let’s check this.

“Discover how I make $100,000 a year from PPV”

With this headline, my subscribers will understand exactly what it is about, right? They know what PPV is, but how about other people who don’t know what PPV is? We need to change the headline to be like this:

“Discover how I make $100,000 a year from affiliate marketing”

We can use this headline with ‘prospects’ because they are making money online and most of them know what affiliate marketing is. But, the strangers might think “What the heck is affiliate marketing?” It might be a technical word to some people. So we need to change the headline to be like this:

“Discover how I make $100,000 a year from the internet”

This is the general way to serve IM products to strangers. All people know what the internet is, right? We need to tweak some words in the bridge page to make your audience understand what you’re going to tell them.

Anyway, it’s not just about tweaking the headline — you need to change the whole story in the landing page for different kinds of people, especially strangers. They might not like reading a long sale-letter from a person that they don’t know.

We might need to create the squeeze page to collect their emails first. Then, we can send short follow up messages to introduce who you are and why they should check your product. This way will help you gain trust from strangers first and they will decide to purchase your products later.


This is another way to scale up your profitable campaign. We need to find our new audience and create the specific bridge page for different kinds of people. In my opinion, this is easier than putting yourself in a bidding war or finding a new offer to promote. If you have some profitable offers, let’s try this as a way to squeeze more money from it.

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Bank has been working in the affiliate marketing industry since he was an undergrad in 2008. His favorite traffic source is PPV (Pay-Per-View). In 2013, he started sharing his journey on this blog and developed to help people create PPV landing pages.

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Petre says August 11, 2015

Hey man,
Good article as always. Maybe you can put together an article about how to choose an offer.

I know you have written a couple of times about this but times are changing and it’s good for
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Just an idea..

Looking forward to your new post!

    Bank says August 11, 2015

    Thank you Petre. I’ll think about it 🙂

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