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Internet Marketing Journey Monthly Recap For August 2015

Hey guys! I hope it’s not late to recap what I did last month!

Well, I went to the hospital almost every day in August to take care of my grandmother, so this month’s productivity was quite low. Still, my earnings were higher than my total for July. I was very surprised with that result, because I rarely paid full attention to my work.

I think it’s because my old PPV campaigns and my Shopify t-shirt campaigns were all running well. They dominated my overall earnings.

Furthermore, I hired many people to work for me. I didn’t have to research or create t-shirt designs by myself, or create graphics for my mobile games. My VAs did most of the easy tasks. I focused on only core things like running ads or thinking about marketing strategies.

My team helps me a lot when I can’t pay full attention to my work . 🙂

Okay, let me recap the main things I did this month.

Moving From Teespring To Shopify

As I wrote in my previous post, I recently moved from Teespring to Shopify. I’m very happy with this new platform because it has increased my overall profit and there is still lots of opportunity to sell more.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 3.09.41 AM

For example, I can show my customers various upsell products when they add an item to their shopping cart. This method can boost my average order from $25 to almost $40.

I can also motivate customers with promotional messages like “Order $50 or more to get FREE SHIPPING” along with the upsell items. There are many marketing apps you can use to optimize your sale funnel.

These are just a few examples of the sale tactics I’ve been using in my shop. There are many other apps and sale methods I haven’t tried yet. I’ll test more of them next month and give you an update.

Achieving The Bonus From Passive Wealth Project

Another project I’m focusing on is Passive Wealth. Last month, I won the bonus from the ‘Shoot for Sapphire’ event. Due to the company’s policy, I can’t reveal the amount of the prize, but I can say is that it was a lot – enough to live in Thailand for almost a year.

The earnings I generate passively keep growing as well. They’re not as high as the active income I make from Shopify or PPV, yet they’re high enough to pay my monthly bills. I expect to make my passive income stream bigger than my other income streams next year.

I’m still teaching people on my team to achieve the results I’ve gotten, too. I can’t win in this business if other people in my team can’t get good results, too. So I need to support them to generate passive income, just as I did.

We use the Passive Wealth system with online advertising to grow our team. We’ve opened up new funnels this month for new target audiences. I plan to help some people to reach the Jade level this month.

Are you interested in this project? Send me a message, and we can discuss it in more detail.

Starting A New Thing With PPV

After I fixed my old campaigns, my earnings began to come back. Many campaigns were still alive, and I plan to send these campaigns more traffic from other sources to scale them up.

I also launched more campaigns for a new market. (Actually, my AM sent me this offer.) He said it’s a great offer that will help us generate more than $2,000 daily. I jumped into it and did a massive test. I purchased traffic from many sources – not just TrafficVance, LeadImpact, and 50onRed.

Anyway, I’ve found this this market quite difficult, since I rarely have time to focus on it. I think I may stop promoting the offer. Not because it’s not good, but because my time is limited. So, as far as PPV goes, I’ll focus only on markets that have made money for me for a long time.

Double The Number Of Installs From Mobile Games

I didn’t upload any new games this month, because no graphic designers in my team could do any work . Still, one designer finished another game yesterday, and I’m going to upload it soon.

Another thing I’ve done this month is update the keyword set for my two top-performing games. I also attended the ASO seminar in Thailand. I applied the knowledge I acquired there and made some changes to the keyword set. As a result, a game that had very low traffic now has twice as many installs per day. You can see the stats from one of my games below.


This month, I plan to upload two more games to the AppStore and update the keyword set for my existing games to get more downloads.

To Sum Up

August was another satisfying month. My overall earning stats were better than they were in July, even though my workload was less. Now we’re reaching the end of the year, and it seems like some of my goals have changed.

I’ve found new things that can generate lots of bucks for me over the long term – like Shopify, Passive Wealth, and Mobile Apps. These are products that people use every day. I can stick with these things in the long term.

Okay, that’s what I’ve done in August. I hope you enjoyed reading. See you in the next post. 🙂

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