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Five Things to Know Before Running Campaigns using Paid-Traffic

Hi all,

How is your Internet marketing business so far? This year has only two months and a few days left, so let’s make more money before it ends!

This year I have intensively worked with paid traffic, and now I’m familiar with it and understand how it works. Here are things you need to understand and accept in order to be successful with paid traffic.

1. Prepare to lose your money

The first thing you need to know is you will probably lose your money before making any conversions. It sounds crazy, but it’s the thing you need to accept if you do paid traffic. I usually see people focusing on not losing money while trying to make money. They spend $1 but want to make $100. It’s fucking difficult to do that with paid traffic, especially if you’re a newbie. When you enter this business, I’d recommend you prepare to spend at least $200 or more to test and find your first profitable campaign. Remember: you need to prepare yourself to lose some money in order to make things big!

2. Always setup daily budgets

The next thing is to not forget to set up a daily budget for all of your campaigns. Although your campaigns make high profits every day, shit always happens. Sometimes, when you add new targets or keywords to your campaign, there might be shit that can drain your money very fast. Or your competitors want to destroy your campaign by clicking your ads repeatedly to decrease your budget and kick you out of their goldmine. I recommend you to protect your money by setting up daily limited budgets every time your campaign runs in order to prevent shit from happening.

3. Cut losses fast but scale slow

After you start your campaign off, don’t forget to limit a max cost per conversion for each keyword and weed out the ones that are not making money very fast. It’s very important for doing paid traffic because you can spend money on testing other targets. Anyway, you don’t need to scale your campaign so fast because sometimes it makes you confused and you can’t manage it effectively. There were a couple of campaigns I ran where I saw some conversions. After that, I scaled them very fast by adding 300-400 targets to those offers. Of course, they drained my budget very fast and I didn’t see conversions from those shit keywords. So, the next thing you need to know is to slowly scale your campaign. Growing too fast is not always good.

4. Don’t pause your campaign too early

This is very important! I’ve seen many newbies pause their campaign very fast after they spend just $4-$5. It’s difficult to determine if your campaign is good or not if you give it just $5. I have many campaigns where I’ve lost $200-$300 before making them profitable. Although I lost a big money when I started, when they work, they give me more than I spend every day. So don’t judge your campaign from just $5. You’re going to make $1,000 a day – not just $10-$20!

5. Go to bed when your campaigns are running

The last thing you need to know is to let your campaigns run while you go to sleep or do something else. Don’t stay in front of your laptop and keep refreshing your earning stats too often because it doesn’t accelerate your revenue! I was used to do that and found that it’s useless. It’s better to do something else rather than looking your revenue stats. You might watch some movies, go out with your friends, take a nap or create new campaigns – but don’t become addicted to seeing your incoming commission. I put my iPhone next me when I sleep, but I can’t sleep well because I always pick it up and open it to see my stats. I recommend you put it far away from you while you sleep!

These are five things you need to know before spending money on paid traffic. I’ve written this information from my own experience and hope it is useful for you. See you in the next post and have a good day!

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Bank has been working in the affiliate marketing industry since he was an undergrad in 2008. His favorite traffic source is PPV (Pay-Per-View). In 2013, he started sharing his journey on this blog and developed to help people create PPV landing pages.

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New says February 7, 2014

Hi Bank. I really like your post and how simple you can convey the message you are trying to communicate. I came here to get a general idea of using a landing page and paid traffic for my website to convert lead to sales. Not sure how I am going to measure that since its a virtual to physical channel. (I am selling thai sweets). Hoping to learn more from you. Not sure if you have any idea on this as I remember you did dissertation on landing page for some company in uk ?

Thanks man

Have a nice day
New S.

    Bank says February 7, 2014

    Hi New! I’m glad you like my post.

    Wow! You have a lovely shop man. I think you should start from promoting your brand first. Let everybody knows your brand. Facebook is a great tool to do this.

    Yes, my dissertation was about Landing Page Optimization. Your website should make the facebook fanbox and email newsletter stand out.


ahmed says March 22, 2015

OMG you know i started to work in cpa 6 month ago and i started to make money 5 days ago i made my first 60$ using 7search and email marketing… Man when u said don’t keep watching your stats i feel that you are talking to me… and when i try to do something else i reaed your blog.. thanks bank waiting for more articles

    Bank says March 22, 2015

    Congrats for your success! 🙂

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