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Let’s move to passive ways

Since I’ve found a big drop in my PPV campaigns (You can read here: Welcome to the roller coaster business!), I start looking for other ways to generate money for me in the long-term while I really do nothing. For PPV, I currently need to create new campaigns all the time because many offers come and expire very fast. Also, I have to adjust my bid price very often to get the traffic.

I think the way I do this business needs to be changed. If I want to continue doing CPA business, I need to find other offers that have been in many networks for a long time. Offers like MyPCBackup, JustCloud, Match, or eHarmony are examples that I’ve seen since I entered CPA industry (two years ago). I think the downside of these offers is that there are big competitors running these offers and it might be difficult to get in. Anyway, I’ve just tried some of these offers and found that I can still make some money. Also, I changed my bid price strategy from bidding at the highest to bidding at the lowest price because I don’t want to adjust them too often.

The amount of traffic is definitely lower than bidding at the highest, but I solve this problem by adding more targets to my campaigns. This approach works for me. I just create campaigns, weed out the targets that don’t give me a profit, and leave it to generate money for me after I optimize and get the profit I’m satisfied with.

Generating $100 a day profit from CPA work is now enough for me. I’m not in a hurry, and I put in as much effort as previously to create many campaigns to reach $500-1,000 a day profit because I don’t like the nature of the CPA business. It’s not a passive income stream in my opinion. CPA offers can come and go anytime, and we never know how long we can make money from it. I was an Amazon associate as well, and I see many people get banned from Amazon without any reason. I don’t like anything I can’t control.

So, I’m now looking for other passive ways and find there are many other interesting things apart from CPA. The first interesting thing is to be the owner of products. I wrote ebooks about PPV marketing and sold them in a Warrior forum, and I found that this makes money for me. Not so much if I compare it to the revenue from CPA. I launched it in August. My JV partner promoted it only one or two times and left it make money by itself. It made lots of money in the first two weeks and still makes some money today. I also have an email list of buyers that I can sell the useful products to anytime. In my opinion, this is one way of passive income.

Anyway, if you want to start making money this way, I don’t want you to create scam products and sell them to others, especially the newbies. You should create a good product that can help people do something. I got an email from one seller asking me to promote his product. On the sale page, he said his guide can help people generate $10,000 a day within a short time. The price of his guide is just seven dollars, and I think it’s crap and looks like too much hype. I asked him if I could read his guide, and I found nothing useful, so I decided not to promote his product.

There are many passive ways you can do it. Not only to be the owner of products, but also to be the owner of websites, SaaS, or photos. Just change yourself from someone who promotes products to the owner of products. For the website, you can monetize it by selling advertisements. This might take time and much effort at the beginning, but when your websites get a large amount of traffic, you can make money from them for a long time. Your traffic might be lost because Google changes the searching algorithm, but I think if you have a good website and people get addicted to your website, you don’t need to be concerned much about Google.

For the SaaS, or software as a service, this is like a service that you sell to people and get paid monthly. I’m creating some services too, but they haven’t done much yet. I think next year I should have at least two or more services for my customers.

You should concern yourself about passive ways that can generate money for you in the long-term because no one wants to work all the time. It might be more difficult than CPA marketing at the start, but I’m sure that it can generate revenue for much longer.

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noer says February 1, 2014

it’s very inspiring. thanks for sharing this! appreciate it.

from Noer Iman, Jakarta

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