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Double Profit for Your PPV Campaign with Keyword Variations!

Hello everybody,

Do you know that most keywords that give high profit are not general keywords, like or

Let’s take a look at high performing keywords from my campaign.

Progit PPV Target

You can see that most of the top performing keywords have variations of the main keyword. If you don’t know what variation is, let me explain it.

Variation is other forms of the domain name that you can add to your PPV campaign. Let’s think about what happens when people surf the Internet. There is a chance that they insert a wrong domain name in the address bar, right? Some people might enter “” or “” instead of “”.

So we can  benefit from this. Instead of adding only the general domain name, we should add all variations of the keyword as well. These are some examples of the variations.

You can replace “.” with “*” as well. Letters will replace the asterisk in the domain name. For example, if you add * to your campaign, when people access, your popup will be shown.

Here are some examples:


With this technique, you can avoid targets that have a high bidding price. The main domain name usually has a very high bidding price, while most of the variations have a much lower price So, you can get the same traffic with a lower advertising cost.

Anyway, you need to be careful about the short variations because some variations are too wide. For example, if you are bidding on and one of your variations is “*walmart*”, you will get tons of junk traffic. Because there are many URLs contain this word, you will get traffic from people looking for websites irrelevant to your target audience.

Every time I create a new campaign, I always add all variations of the domain name to the campaign. Because as I’ve run many offers, I found that most of the top performing targets are the variations. This way, I add all of them at the beginning.

That’s the reason why I created the PPV Target Generator. It’s a tool that helps me extract the domain to many variations in one click. If you want to try this tool, you can visit this link. It’s free for everyone.

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