Help me! I have no time and don’t want to take risks doing Internet Marketing!!!! –
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Help me! I have no time and don’t want to take risks doing Internet Marketing!!!!

Hello guys,

We’re now in the second month of this year. How’s your business so far? I hope it’s fine and growing everyday. Mine is still stable and I keep building new income streams.

Recently, I’ve got numerous messages from many guys about starting an Internet marketing business. Many of them don’t know how to start and are concerned about the risks. They said they have to do their job and come back home late so it’s quite difficult to find time to do Internet marketing. Also, some of them said they have to take care of their family and are scared of taking risks. They asked for a way that they could definitely make money 100% from the beginning.

You can see that there are many reasons people don’t want to start their Internet marketing business. I’d say that it’s quite difficult to make $1,000 in just a few days if you’re a newbie. It’s like any other type of business. If you know absolutely nothing about what you’re going to do, time for learning is required.

I understand that your job highly consumes time and energy. I was in that situation when I worked as a salaryman. Waking up early to go to the company, putting in a huge amount of effort to get the job done, and going back home late with zero energy stops you from doing Internet marketing. Yes, that’s why I quit my job after I worked for them for only one month, lol.

Anyway, everything has a solution. Usually I spend time on Facebook until 1-2 am before going to bed and waking up late.  Yet, while I was working my full time job, I went to bed early (around 9 pm) and woke up early (around 4 am) to work on my business. I think sleeping for 7 hours a day is enough.  This habit change helped me to have time to spend on the things I wanted.

For an online business, 1-2 hours a day is definitely enough…but I hate waking up early so I quit lol.

Another reason people don’t want to start Internet marketing business is because they don’t want to take risks. I’d say risks are everywhere – even though you’re working for a company, you could be fired anytime and your income will be decreased to zero in just a day. It’s the same as the Internet marketing business – your campaigns can be ripped off at any time as well, although you’ll be making $1,000 a day. So the fear of taking risks is not a good reason.

When I started doing CPA with paid traffic, I didn’t have a stable income. What I had at that time was just a few commissions from Google AdSense and the Amazon associate program. Moreover, some months I just couldn’t generate money from it. So, I needed to find other things to do to make a living and get money to spend on paid traffic.

I went to the forum and saw what many people were looking for. I found there were many people didn’t know how to install WordPress, SMF (Simple Machine Forum), Joomla, and so on. So I created new topic to help them get their job done in exchange for a small fee. For each installation I got 500 baht (around $17). There were about 3-4 people asking me to help them a day, so I could make an easy $51-68 a day. I didn’t use this money to hang out with my friends or buy luxurious things. I spent this money on paid traffic and education instead.

You can see that risks can be eliminated easily. If you don’t want to lose money, just find new income streams and use those sources as part of your investment budget.

If you want different results, do things differently.

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