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Is there something wrong with LeadImpact?

Hello guys,

Anybody notice that there is something wrong with traffic from LeadImpact recently? My friends and I found that there have been some changes in the traffic since the middle of the previous month but I’m not too sure.

High traffic volume from unseen targets


Firstly, there were many targets that usually have low traffic volume giving me tons of impression. When I woke up and check my campaigns, I found the CTR (Click-Though-Rate) of every campaign had dropped significantly due to the high volume traffic from strange targets that generally have low impressions, especially from the variations, which is “+xxxxxxx+”.

Old campaigns were disapproved

Another thing is that I found that my old campaigns were disapproved because of many reasons. The first reason they gave was “Targeting the same offer, the URL, or any term found in the URL of the offer you are promoting is prohibited in our system. All other keywords may have been approved.” Umm…actually, I know that these are the rules but I always add the offer’s URL to my LeadImpact campaign because it usually gives a high conversion rate. Anyway, this is not a big problem because there are many other profitable targets in my campaign. Also, the offer’s URL doesn’t give me good ROI because many people know this trick and it makes this kind of target have a high bidding price.

The second reason they disapproved my campaign is the misleading of the landing page. I usually add a target name to my landing page. For example, I usually add “Hello Visitors” to make my landing page attract people. My landing page acts like a special promotion from the target’s website. This trick always gives me a better conversion rate but perhaps I need to remove it or change the way I do the promotional message.

Checking campaigns more strictly

Another problem I found is that they check campaigns more often and more strictly. As I said in the previous section, my old campaigns were disapproved. I know the rules but I also know the ways to break the rules. So I keep doing what I did to get my campaigns approved. Yes, all of them were revived but they were caught again just one week later. Usually, my new campaigns will be checked again in at least 1-2 months, but this is too soon. Therefore, I don’t think it’s safe to break the rules too often. My account could be at risk and I’ll also need to create my campaigns over again. That’ll waste a lot of my time. I’ll start again with a clean landing page and follow the rules. The ROI will definitely be lower without the tricks I usually use, but it’s a win-win for both LeadImpact and me.


Anything we should do to prevent this problem?

There are many things we can do to keep our campaigns running well and avoid disapproval from LeadImpact.

Check your overall statistics of campaigns regularly

I usually check my stats in my CPVLab campaign every day. In the ‘Overall Campaign Performance’ page, you can see the overall stats including campaign name, views, clicks, cost, revenue, EPV, PPV, P/L, ROI. This data is really useful because you can check all campaigns at once. I usually check only the views and clicks. If I found that the number of clicks is significantly low, I will see the campaign in detail and check whether there are unusual targets or not.

Follow all rules and avoid tricking the system

Another thing to do is just follow the rules. Whatever LeadImpact doesn’t want us to do, don’t do it. If your landing page is disapproved, create a new one and ask them to review it again. Don’t create a new campaign and rotate the prohibited landing page after getting approved. Follow the rules. Period.

I’m not very serious about the changes in LeadImpact but just too lazy to edit the campaign. Since they have increased the minimum deposit to $1,000, I found that the number of competitors is lower. Newbies are fear to start CPA with a big investment.

Also, the more they make things difficult (but yet still make sense), the number of people using PPV, especially the newbies, will be lower. The less number of competitors, the lower bidding price I get. The lower bidding price I pay, the more money I make! Lol!

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