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How to Split Test PPV Landing Pages

Hey guys,

Last week I introduced the post about making money with the PPV Direct Linking method. Next, I’ll write about how to make MORE using a landing page.

Well, direct linking is the easiest way to make bucks with PPV. However, when you find profitable campaigns from this method, you should scale them up by creating a landing page.

Why a landing page?

Okay, you might think that if we use a landing page, the number of clicks will be less than the amount we use with a direct link, right? That’s correct, but it makes you force visitors to see your offer or product without asking their permission. This is the reason why the conversion rate of direct link campaigns is usually low.

In contrast, if you use the lander, it can help you grab the visitor’s interest. It’s a way of warming up visitors before letting them see the real product. Let’s assume that a visitor accidentally sees your dating offer while he’s surfing adult websites.

Your dating offer: Welcome to Sign up for free today!
Visitor: … (closes the popup immediately) …

But how about this?

Your landing page: This Site Likely Contains Sexually Explicit Photos of Someone You Know. Due to High Demand from our website’s Female Members, we urgently need Male members.

Doesn’t that sound more interesting?

This is how we use the landing page to increase the conversion rate. It will persuade people to become interested in the product. So, the next question is how we design the landing page to grab the visitor’s attention. As our main traffic source is PPV we need to make people interested as fast as possible before they close the popup window.

I’ll skip the details about the landing page components, as I’ve already covered this in PPV Game Killer and the upgrade. You can check it out there if you want.

Now it’s time to talk about landing page split testing.

Okay, last week, I showed the flow of traffic for direct linking campaign. If you can’t remember it, look at the picture below.

split testing

Once you set up the landing page campaign, the flow will be a bit different, like this.

Landing Page Split Testing

The traffic will be sent to the landing page first. If the visitors are interested in what the landing page offers, they might click to see the offer on the next page. You should also rotate your offers in order to find the best one. Again, this can be done easily in CPVLab.

The next question is how do we actually do landing page split testing? Well, the following is what I usually do.

1. Start with two or three landing page styles

I usually start with three different landing page styles. What I mean by this is totally different designs – not just a different headline, picture, or call to action button, but the whole thing. For example, I may use a one column landing page for the first style with no picture and a red theme color. With the second I may use two columns and place an image on the left side and design it in a black and white color. On the last one I may use a blue landing page with one column and a big picture.

You can create three different landing pages by yourself. If you don’t know how to code, you can subscribe to my AffLanders, which has been designed for PPV landing page. I have used it for a year now.

If you want to get landing page ideas, I recommend you try BoxOfAds. It will show you what your competitors are doing. If they’re using landing pages, you can clone and develop them. This has been one of my favorite tools for a long time. I’m not a good designer so it’s better to steal other landing pages and test whether they are good or not.

Okay, let’s start with this for the first run.

2. Determine which style is good

When your campaign runs and gives you valid data, it’s time to decide which lander we should keep testing in the next step and which one should be deleted. Many people have asked me how we know whether the data is valid.

This is what I usually do:

  • Remove too high targets with 0 clicks after 200 views
  • When all the too high traffic targets are already removed, and each landing page receives 1,000 views, check its Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Remove the ones that have less than 1% CTR
  • Keeps the remaining ones. If they are all good, keep them all.

Then it’s time to decide which CTR is good. I usually check when I get 2-3 conversions. If there are no conversions after you drive 1,000 views to each landing page, I will create new ones. Next, let’s figure out what a good CTR for the landing page in each market is.

Remember that the landing page’s CTR in different markets is usually different. For dating or game offers, the landing page’s CTR should be high because the payout is pretty low. In contrast, for the financial niche, just a 1-2% CTR can make your campaign profitable. See the example below.

Let assume that:

  • Offer’s payout = $30
  • Conversion rate = 5%
  • Cost Per View = $0.015

If you find that there is one from twenty visitors who see the offer and decide to purchase the product, the conversion rate will be 5%. Then, we need to calculate back to find the lowest CTR that still makes the campaign profitable.

  • 1 Conversion = $30
  • $30 = 2,000 views (CPV = $0.015)

So, for every 2,000 views, we should have at least one conversion. With the 5% conversion rate we got, twenty visitors can give one lead, so the worst CTR can be 20/2,000 = 1%

Again, split testing is ALL about math.

This is the reason why I told you that 1-2% CTR is enough for a high payout offer. So, our main goal is to develop the landing page to make it reach more than 1%. Anyway, bear in mind that high a CTR doesn’t always give a good conversion rate. We need to test and see.

3. Change only one component at a time

When you find styles that give a good conversion rate, the next thing to do is to make more profit by optimizing them. Although a 1.2% CTR and 5% conversion rate can make you profit, you can do much more if you just try to increase the CTR to 1.5% and a 7% conversion rate.

So, what should we do to achieve this?

That’s not difficult. If you have a 1% CTR landing page, just tweaking the landing page components can make it better. The following are the components with which you can make an improvement.

  • Headline
  • Sub-headline
  • Image
  • Call to Action Button
  • Call to Action Text
  • Text

Keep in mind that you should test only one component at a time. For example, if you want to see which button performs better between red and green, duplicate the same landing page and change only the button color. After that, run your campaign again in order to see which color is better.

Next, let’s see the example of the landing page below. (I scraped it from BoxOfAds. Sorry if this is your lander lol!)

PPV Dating Landing Page

For this lander, the first thing I test is definitely the picture of a sexy girl on the left because it’s normally the first thing visitors see. So, I make the second landing page by duplicating the first lander and replacing the picture with a new girl, like this.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 5.06.59 PM

Whichever landing page performs better, I may change the headline next. The phrase “BOYFRIEND WANTED” might be replaced with another attractive phrase. What’s more, the location of visitors may be placed in the sub-headline or wherever to get more attention from visitors.

Doing this for every component can easily help you make more profit.

On the one hand, if you want to increase the conversion rate, you need to persuade people to take action. To do this, I’ve found that the call to action text does well. You may insert a message like “Only 2 spots left” or “This offer will expire soon” on the landing page, as this can push people to take action.

Another way to increase the conversion rate is, like I said before in the previous article, rotating the offers. Different offers usually give different landing pages, so test it out.

You need to repeat these steps until you reach the CTR and conversion rate you want. I like optimizing the landing page because it’s a good way to scale up your campaign without spending more.

Final thoughts

It’s very important to do split testing on everything in your campaign. An increase of 1-2% in the CTR and conversion rate can significantly improve your ROI. I always split test my landing pages and offers to find the best fit for my campaign.


If you don’t know how to write a redirect code, I recommend that you use CPVLab. You can see how it helps us to do split testing easily in the picture below.

You can use the code “ALCHEBANK” to receive a $50 discount. Click here to purchase it.


Anyway, these are all the things I do when I split test my landing page campaigns. Some criteria might not be good enough to judge the target or landing page, but this is what criteria I define and feel comfortable with. You may adjust the amount of traffic, CTR, Conversion Rate, or anything in the testing state to make it better 🙂

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swami says November 3, 2014

Great post again… What ideal bench mark lp ctr we should expect for ppv/pop under adult dating offer?

    Bank says November 3, 2014

    It should be around 8-10%

      swami says November 3, 2014

      Ok… In plug rush pop under traffic my lp ctr is 1% and thats my top perfomer out of 4.. So need to split test more lps?

        Bank says November 4, 2014

        1% is too low to make campaign profitable. Try to replace your LP with sexy image. It works well from my stats.

          swami says November 4, 2014

          I agree ..the problem here is Adult POP unders tent to give low lp CTR … at the end my CPC is.0.10 I am improving the CR

Ei Leng Chuah says February 14, 2015

Hi, what is your benchmark for CTR on shopping deals like aliexpress?

Thanks 🙂

    Bank says February 14, 2015

    I’m sorry but I never tried that verticals yet. Have you got some conversions from your campaign? Use that CTR and CR as the benchmark.

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