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Turn your restroom into an affiliate marketing library with StackThatMoney!

Hey guys!

We are quickly approaching the end of the year. Have you achieved all your goals that you set on New Year’s Day? I have done many things this year and, also, I’ve already started on the goals I’m going to achieve in the next year.

In order to prepare for the next year, I’m trying to change one of my bad habits. What I want to change is to stop dragging my finger and refreshing the Facebook feed on my iPhone. Wherever I go, whether I’m in the taxi or dining with my family, I always pick up my phone and open the Facebook app for no reason. Even in the restroom, I check my Facebook feed all the time.

If you are addicted to Facebook, I recommend you find other things to do ASAP!

Although there are sometimes many good things such as stock news or affiliate marketing news, my feed is usually overwhelmed with photos of my friends’ food, travel attractions, my friends’ babies, and things just for relaxation.

Even though most of my PPV campaigns are on auto-pilot, I still want to work more to reach the Super Got’ Damn Affiliates level. Taking time off on Facebook doesn’t help me reach that level. (Okay, if you are Facebook ads expert you can make $$$$, but I’m not!)

I think I need to find other things to read in order to stay away from this devilish social network. So I decide to invest my money to find more knowledge and get away from Facebook.

It’s time to go back to where I learned PPV – the StackThatMoney and AffPlayBook forums.

When I see these forums again, I’m really impressed with their improvements. There are many new things I didn’t know. (I can’t reveal anything here since the information in the forums is secret)

Okay, time to go back to the topic, “It’s time to turn your restroom into a PREMIUM affiliate marketing library”.

Well, I bet many of you usually play with your phone when you are in the toilet. Moreover, when you’re stuck on the street, many of you open the Facebook app and drag the screen to refresh the feed, right? I always do the same.

So instead of doing nonsensical things, why don’t you find something useful to read?

I’ve bought many books at Amazon and keep them in the Kindle app on my iPad, but I rarely read them when I do a poo in the toilet. Because these kinds of books have lots of details and I need to concentrate on them for a long time, they aren’t good to read when you have just a few minutes in the toilet or taxi.

That’s why I think the knowledge from StackThatMoney and AffPlayBook are fit to read when you have just a little time.

If you haven’t joined these two forums, I recommend you check them out as soon as you can.

StackThatMoney | AffPlayBook

These are my affiliate links. If you register through my link I will get some money so I can use it to monetize my blog 🙂

Anyway, it’s not good if you have to take your laptop to your restroom or open safari on your phone (the text size is very small), right?

I’d like to recommend to you the app I use every day, Tapatalk. Many people might have already heard about it and know what it is. Well, I have just tried it for a week since I joined STM and APB.

If you use an iPhone, you can download Tapatalk here. For Android readers, click here.

This app is really awesome man! You can select the timeline option in order to see the most recent threads. Also, this app changes the traditional forum layout into a mobile-optimized one. You can read all information in big text. There’s no need to use two fingers to drag and expand the text anymore.

You can check out some screenshots here:


After I found this perfect combination, I decided to remove the Facebook app from my iPhone. No more photos of food or nonsensical statuses. Moving from Facebook’s timeline to the StackThatMoney and AffPlaybook timeline is way better!

Okay, let me give some reviews of these two forums.

StackThatMoney Reviews

This is the highest premium affiliate marketing forum on earth. You will find many fantastic threads and people here. One year ago, I started learning PPV here. What helped me to understand PPV very quickly were not only the threads, but I also joined PPV Mastermind here too.

It’s difficult to know everything in this market alone. Learning anything as a group helps you to make money quickly. Anyway, you can’t find hard-working people on WarriorForum. Do you think people who do not seriously make money online are willing to pay bucks to learn something? Absolutely not, but there are so many guys are willing to work and share here at STM.

I bet you will love STM! – Click here to join now! ($99/month)

AffPlayBook Reviews

This is another good affiliate forum. There are many good threads and awesome guys here too. However, it seems like many people mostly focus on PPV. As the prior name of this forum is PPVPlayBook, I guess it’s not strange that you can find many PPV guys here.

The cost per month is less than what you pay for STM. It’s usually $67/month, but if you use my coupon “9D7CE918” you will get a $10 discount every month.

You can click here to join AffPlayBook. (Coupon: 9D7CE918)

Remember that while you spend time on Facebook, there are many people trying to improve themselves. Don’t waste your time on that nonsensical thing.

I hope to see you there as future super affiliates 🙂



P.S. If you register your StackThatMoney account through my link, send me the proof. I’ll send you the thread I just followed and you can start earning money from that technique.

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Reid Yamamoto says December 1, 2014

Great post and I agree, keeping FB open all day is bad for productivity. I’m weaning myself away from it.

Stack That Money is a great place to learn and well worth the subscription fees. It’s like being in a high-priced mastermind group with dozens of people with high level knowledge they’re willing to share.

Keep up the good work!

    Bank says December 2, 2014

    Thanks for visiting man 🙂

toone says December 13, 2014

Hey Bank, nice recommendation.. but i cannot find affplaybook to add in tapatalk.. how to go about it?

    Bank says December 13, 2014

    Hmm you can. Just simply open AffPlaybook on Safari. There will be Tapatalk app shown at the top. You have to click View (in case you already install it) or Install. Then AffPlayBook will be added to your tapatalk automatically.

      toone says December 13, 2014

      okay thanks!! will look through

Josan says December 23, 2014

I get this feeling that once I join stackThatMoney I’m gonna be making bank.

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