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Five things you usually encounter before making $500/day with PPV

Hey man,

Many of us are grinding and finding a way to reach $$$$/day. I’m one of them too. I have been in this industry for over 6 years, right from when I was in university. I have gone up and down many times and still do now.

As we know, this business is a roller coaster ride. Your $500/day profit can decrease to $0 in just a single day. I’ve been in this situation many times. The first time was when my earnings from Amazon went down from $200/day to $0 after Google killed the domains.

I also had a good time with mobile affiliate too when there were some bugs in Inmobi. At that time, there was a trick which meant we could spend only $20 with high CPM and get thousands of impressions. I made $300/day for 4-5 days. The offer landing page went down because of the too high volume traffic I sent and no advertisers allowed me to promote their offers that time. That was the first and last time I succeeded in mobile marketing lol.

How about PPV? As I have been playing with PPV for a while, there were common things I ran into while making bucks. I think many of you have come across these problems too.

Best offer gone away

Enjoy making $100/day profit from a student offer? I’m very happy when I make any campaigns reach $100/day profit. After spending days creating them, cutting loss targets, and adding more targets to make more money, it finally paid off. It’s such a magic moment, right?

Anyway, we usually have just a short happy time like this because our AM will send an email that this offer has already reached its cap or your lead quality is not good enough. Additionally, sometimes that offer might be removed from the CPA network with no reason. This is not strange. It always happens. Many of my winning offers have just passed away over the last two years.

Old profitable targets don’t convert

I’ve got many messages from my readers asking why their targets don’t convert the way they did before. I have no answer to this because I’ve also encountered this problem too. There have been many times my old winning targets, especially in LeadImpact, stopped converting and I couldn’t find the reason.

It might be because of the traffic quality from LI is down, my leads were scrubbed or it’s not a day visitors take action on the offer. Some days it gave me many conversions, but the next it gave me zero. Then, the day after that, the conversions come back again.

So, recently I don’t care much when my conversion rate drops for a day. Instead of worrying about low earnings on one day, I simply check the stats for the whole week. If it’s still green, there’s no need to worry that much.

Your campaign is stolen

Since I got a message “Happy Birthday from BoxOfAds” (I can’t remember the exact sentence but yes, it was something like this) to my campaign stats, I believe my tracking was not in safe hands anymore. I typed my tracking domain to BoxOfAds and yah, I found many of my landing pages there. Although this tool is very useful for me, I don’t want my campaign loaded in their system lol.

I was actually worried that my campaigns would be stolen, but I’m not worried that much today. As I’m one of the people who steal other landing pages too, I found it’s still difficult to make the campaigns profitable. If you don’t believe me, you can check out some landing pages you spy on with BoxOfAds. You will find that your campaign won’t be profitable at the start even though you simply ripped off all landing pages and their targets. There are some mysterious things you have to discover 😉

Wake up late at night to adjust your bid price

Have you ever woken up at night to adjust your bid price? When I started doing PPV, I did this many times. I’d open the iPad at night to see the stats and open LI and 5R to check the bidding position. If my golden keywords were not in 1st position, I would leave my bed, open my MacBook Pro, and start competing in the bidding war.

Anyway, since I have many campaigns right now and I change my strategy, I rarely check my bid price too often like before. I’m happy with the amount of earnings I get without checking that bidding position. It’s a bit lower than I made before though.

Frequently check your stats while dining with your friends

I bet many people here check their earning stats all the time. As many networks run on PHP Cake, there is an app with which you can check stats easily without using the web browser on your phone. It’s delightful when you see your number is going up while you spend time with your friends.

This might not be a good thing though. I noticed that when I check the stats too often, I’ll end up going to my campaign and changing some things which lead to lower profit at the end of the day. Alternatively, when I was in Japan, I rarely checked my stats and had no chance to adjust my campaigns because I didn’t bring my MacBook while I traveled. However, my overall earnings were better than when I was home.

These are five common things I’ve often seen since I started doing PPV. We definitely feel bad or annoyed when we see that offers have expired or the same profitable keywords don’t make money again. We also feel tired when waking up late in the night to optimize our campaigns. Many of you might encounter these things, but I just want to let you know that you’ll never walk alone!

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