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2014 Internet Marketing Journey Report

Hey guys,

Before 2014 ends, I’m gonna wrap up what I have done this year in this post. Actually, I didn’t set any goals at the beginning of this year. The things I have done were just what I planned on a monthly basis.

Okay, let me summarize my journey in 2014.


1. The Year of PPV

I started PPV about two years ago and have kept doing it until now. It still makes up the biggest part of my income. There were both good and bad times between me and PPV. As with the nature of affiliate marketing, your earnings can decline to zero at any time, like we found this year. LeadImpact removed the keyword variations which generated 60-70% of my earnings. Moreover, their rules became more complicated like keywords that are not related to the offers or split testing is not allowed.

These are things we can’t control so you need to learn and adapt. I have been through situations like this several times and I know how to handle it. Although PPV has become more difficult than before, it will still be my top priority in the coming year. It makes up like 90% of my income so it’s difficult for me to ignore this.

2. Started Outsourcing Mobile App Business

I rarely write about this business much since it is handled by my app team and I only know a few things about it. Anyway, it’s the first time I’ve done outsourcing seriously. My first graphic designer was from Italy. Her work was brilliant, but it was very expensive in my opinion. I hired her to replace the graphics in a 2D game for about $400. At that time, I didn’t know how much people needed to pay for game reskinning so I agreed on that price. The graphics were very good, and I really appreciated her work, but we had some problems in the end because of a misunderstanding. I can’t remember the exact problem but that was my first lesson learnt from outsourcing.

Although this project isn’t successful yet, I learned how to negotiate and manage my team. Now, my team consists of two people, one of whom is responsible for game research and the other a graphic designer. The current graphic designer has been working with me for almost six months without any problems, and I really appreciate this. What I plan for in the next year is 100% outsourcing, even uploading the app. I won’t do anything aside from checking my stats.

3. VectorStock Outsourcing Failure

This might be the biggest mistake I made this year. Some of you might have already read my post about this failure. In short, I hired people to create icons and sold them on stock photo sites like ShutterStock and iStockPhoto. This business went well good and I easily made almost $100 a day. Anyway, two month later I found that one of my graphic designers had just copied the icons from the internet and sent them to me. When I checked my ShutterStock portfolio, I found that many of my vectors were copied from the internet. As a result, my account was banned permanently. I made losses of around $3,000

However, it’s not the end of the world. I learned many things from this failure. The first thing is that I shouldn’t trust anyone to do the graphic work. Although I created the contract and agreements, ShutterStock didn’t even care. They just saw that I didn’t do the work by myself and then they suspended my account. The next thing I learnt was that this is another easy way to make money online. I was in this market for two months and almost reached $100 a day in a short amount of time. Every step I had taken (or that my workers done) was not complicated – it’s just about knowing the market and creating things customers are looking for. I can get it done myself and this would be another thing I’ll do again next year.

4. Public Speaking For The First Time

My friend and I created an Online PPV Class in Thailand last year and started to conduct the real seminar this year. It was my first time speaking in front of many people on the stage. As I remember, I couldn’t stop my voice from shaking. But after the first hour passed, I was back to being a normal person. At that time, I couldn’t understand how my teachers could talk in front of their students all day. When I arrived back home, I felt very exhausted and went to bed immediately. It’s difficult for me to do this every day.

Anyhow, many people asked me to open this class again and teach it in the English language. I have been thinking about this for years and still worry about it because my speaking skill isn’t that good. However, I will try my best and see if I can coach someone next year 🙂

5. Teespring saved my life

During this year, there was a gap where I couldn’t make money from PPV because my winning offer was dead. It was my fault that I did nothing while my winning campaigns automatically generated money for me. This offer had given me almost $500 profit every day since late last year. I never thought it would disappear because it was the kind of thing people need to use on a daily basis. Anyway, the problem came up when the company I promoted this offer for was sued. Also, LeadImpact checked the campaigns that sent traffic to this offer more strictly. My earnings decreased to almost zero and I made losses of more than $200 for half a month on testing new winning campaigns. That was a nightmare for me. I had been making almost $500 profit a day for many months but that went down to more than $200 losses a day in just a few days.

Fortunately, I found a person who was making money from Teespring and opened an online class. I decided to attend his class immediately since I realized that I shouldn’t put all my eggs in just one basket – it’s important to generate income from many ways. More luckily, scraping User IDs from Facebook was still available at that time and I could make many thousands of dollars in profit from Teespring in a short time. However, after Facebook banned all scraping software, I didn’t continue with it and went back to PPV. I think I will return and try Teespring again because it was a big success for me this year.

6. Joining Premium Affiliate Marketing Forums

Recently I have joined two of the best affiliate marketing forums, which are StackThatMoney and AffPlayBook. To be honest, I think I consume too much information from these two forums. There are many things I’m interested in doing such as Mobile, Pay Per Call, Teespring, PPC, or whatever. If you want to learn anything about Affiliate Marketing, I recommend these two forums. You can learn everything from them.

I’ve just started learning and trying new things as well. (As someone said, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, so I need to find something to generate another source of income for me. High profit turning into losses in just few days already taught me this lesson.) I created my follow along and there are many people that give useful advice. Although my overall earnings haven’t reached the breakeven point yet, recently I’m still in profit every day. I’ve decided not to write about this thing on my blog yet since I want to keep something secret too (I wrote almost everything I did daily on my blog). If you want to know my secret, please join StackThatMoney through my link lol.

7. Writing Blog Posts Regularly

This is the first year I have done many blog posts. Actually, I blog in Thai, but there were some foreign readers that told me they use Google Translate to read my Thai blog, so I decided to open this blog up and serve all content in English. I update what I have done almost every week. The total amount of blog posts for this year is 28 articles. I don’t think that’s too bad. I’ll keep blogging every week next year. It doesn’t only help people learn how to do affiliate marketing, but it also reminds me of what I did in the past. When I run into any struggles in the future, I can read my old posts again to see the past failures I have overcome, which can motivate me to push on.

From the start, I never thought I could write more than 1,000 words for a single blog post. I started with writing 500 word blog posts but after I wrote for a while I found that wasn’t enough to fit everything in, so I tried to write more and reached 1,000 words. I thought that was very long at the time, but now it’s still not enough. This post almost reached 2,000 words. Also, I really enjoy writing every week.

You might wonder why my English is pretty good even though I’m not a native speaker. Well, my VA proofreads and edits my grammar mistakes on every post before I publish them here. Readability is what I’m most concerned with, as I don’t want my readers reading articles that are written in poor English and getting frustrated.

Furthermore, I have done one guest post on LukePeerFly too. It’s really good to have your name on one of the most well-known affiliate blogs. Thanks Luke for this opportunity! Hopefully I can write another guest post soon 🙂

Next year, I’ll keep blogging more and deliver more varied content than just writing about PPV. Also, I will change the theme and create a mascot for my blog. It should look better since I have been using this theme for over a year.

8. Visited local attractions and travel abroad.

I have been to many places during this year. Chiang Mai, Krabi, and Sukhothai are the local places I visited. Also, I went to Hokkaido, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Macau, and Hong Kong. Japan is the country I like the most because it’s pretty safe and the food is really delicious. Taking days off and travelling abroad can help you to relax from work. It’s very important to take a short break otherwise you might get bored with what you’re doing.

There were many times when I continuously worked hard, and a week or two later, I felt very lazy and didn’t want to work for almost the whole week. Alternatively, if you spend too much time relaxing, you will become addicted to this bad habit and it’s difficult to get back to work with your full attention. So, I think a good work-life balance is very important.

This is almost everything that I have done this year. Sorry if I’ve missed something. I think this year is the most successful year I’ve ever had. I have done many things and met many good people. Also, I gave money to my parents and never asked for a single baht from them. Last year I thought I did really well, but this year is much better. Hopefully, next year will be much better than this one too.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys. I hope you all have a blast!

About the Author Bank

Bank has been working in the affiliate marketing industry since he was an undergrad in 2008. His favorite traffic source is PPV (Pay-Per-View). In 2013, he started sharing his journey on this blog AlcheBank.com and developed AffLanders.com to help people create PPV landing pages.

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happy new year Bank


Raweewan says January 2, 2015

Hey Bank, just see your report of this year. It’s good to see your blog regularly. Well, see you next post. 🙂

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Will be following your blog and journey now on !!

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Congrats on the growth, keep getting better man! I will keep reading!

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