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My Internet Marketing Goals For 2015

It’s a bit too late to say “Happy New Year”, right? I’m sorry that I haven’t written a blog post for a while and started the first for this year very late. Actually, there are so many things to do since I’ve already set my goals for this year. This year is gonna be better than the previous one. I have been grinding from day one and stayed very busy.

After I reviewed my 2014 and wrote the summary in the previous post, I think I have done and learnt too many things. Sometimes, I feel I lack focus. My main goal was to achieve $1,000 profit per day and I think only one method can do that.

The most difficult part of doing Internet Marketing is FOCUS. There are too many ways to make bucks online.

When you see your friend making money from YouTube, you try YouTube. When another friend is making $1000/day from TeeSpring, you switch to do Tee too. Finally, you’ll end up with $5/day from various methods, and feel overwhelmed since you learn too many different things.

I was in this situation before last year. While my campaigns dropped, my friends were making money from TeeSpring and Pay-Per-Call. Instead of analyzing and checking the problems of my PPV campaigns, I started looking for ways to make money from other things. I think that’s not a good thing since many PPV genius guys I know are still able to make $3,000 profit a day. The method still works.

If your goal is to make $100/day profit, one method is enough. Almost every method can do that. Learn and try one thing at a time. Avoid all distractions until you succeed with that one thing.


The 90/10 rule always works.


So this year I decided to focus on only three things. After I checked what I done last year, there were many things proven to be able to make loads of bucks a day. However, if I do all of them, I won’t have any free time and might be burnt out.

Here is the criteria I use to choose what I’m going to do this year:

  • Most of the tasks must be able to be handled by my VA’s
  • If there are some tasks that must be done only by me, they must require a short time to finish

I came up with these three goals.

1. Make $3,000/day profit from PPV

Actually, I set it at just $1,000 profit a day at the beginning of the year. Anyway, I have just done that a few days ago so I think it’s possible to make more. For this goal, it has to be done only by me because I don’t know how to let my team handle it. There are many things that need to be kept a secret such as keywords, landing pages, offers, or whatever. I still need to learn how to teach my team to manage my campaigns.

It doesn’t require that much time though. I can take just 1-2 hours a day to handle my campaigns, and I don’t need to do it every day. This goal can be achieved in a few months.

2. Create a Mobile App Business generating $1,000/day

Making money from mobile apps is what I’ve really wanted to do since last year. I’m still so far from the goal. As I have been in the affiliate industry for a long time, I know that campaigns can go up and down all the time. Today you might make $1,000 but tomorrow it can go to zero. Even though you send the same traffic from the same keywords and traffic source, you can still run into this problem. The top offer can be gone anytime. It’s part of the game.

Mobile apps are the different thing. Once your app is live, the traffic that comes depends on your keyword. It sounds like SEO but it’s a bit different. For SEO, you need to do keyword research and hire people to write content. Furthermore, backlinks or any SEO stuff (sorry, I don’t know much about SEO) are also needed. I haven’t done much ASO (App Search Optimization) but my earnings from mobile apps are quite steady. It’s not that much though. There are just a few apps uploaded to the App Store.

Moreover, I can hire for almost everything in this business. Currently, I have one graphic designer and one market researcher. These two guys work really great and do almost everything except upload the app for me. I just hired one programmer too but his main task is to create SaaS (Software as a Service). If the time is enough, I’ll let him help me do this too. In short, this goal is possible. I just have to track and analyze keywords by myself.

3. Seriously create info products and SaaS

Info products and SaaS are also another thing I did well in the past but I didn’t continue last year. This year I initially plan to update AffLanders, the PPV Landing Page Builder, and conduct a PPV training course. As I said, I just hire the programmer to do SaaS for me. His current job is now on AffLanders. All lander tools will be redeveloped and there are additional functions added. You can be sure that you will get the most out of it. Let’s wait and see.

For the PPV training program, I’m currently preparing it. I want it to be the best course for both newbies and experienced players. All presentations are in the process. I have to prepare a script and hire people to do the voiceover too. You will see it soon.

These are the three internet marketing goals I want to achieve this year. Hopefully I can get them done soon.

How about yours?

About the Author Bank

Bank has been working in the affiliate marketing industry since he was an undergrad in 2008. His favorite traffic source is PPV (Pay-Per-View). In 2013, he started sharing his journey on this blog and developed to help people create PPV landing pages.

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Erik Gyepes says January 15, 2015

Hi Bank,

Nice goals.

One thing that bothers me is that you mentioned FOCUS. But you still want to focus on 3 areas of business: PPV, Mobile Apps, Own product. Isn’t those things very different from each other, so finally you will lose your focus?

That’s just my point of view. Regarding myself I know I want to crush it with AM and I want to focus on one particular vertical and few traffic sources. But will see how things will go.

Anyway I understand you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket – same with me -> beside AM I have other things as well, but I’m not focusing on them so much as before.

Good luck have a healthy and prosperous year 2015!


    Bank says January 15, 2015

    Hey bro!

    Thanks for suggestions.

    Anyway, I don’t think I will lose my focus since PPV is now my skill, mobile app business is mostly handled by my team, and info products and SaaS are mostly related to PPV.

    Also, I have my programmer writes code for me too so what I have to do is just telling him the SaaS concept. I think they’re not new things.

    I wish this year will be a fantastic year for you too bro!


Brian says January 16, 2015

Love following your Blog. Curious, are any of your PPV in the adult world or is it all or mostly gaming?

    Bank says January 16, 2015

    Thanks for visiting Brian!

    I did some adult offers too but mostly in other niches. Not just the gaming but 3-4 other niches too.

Rich says January 18, 2015

Bank, I found you through APB. Lots of good info here. I look forward to your PPV training course.

    Bank says January 18, 2015

    Thank you for coming. I’ll tell you when it’s ready 🙂

Suho says January 20, 2015 is this you banky? haha JK. Nice goals. I would like to learn PPV via your course so hurry up and launch it ASAP. i also want that 1k a day profit money.

Can you elaborate how much approx you make with the app business?

    Bank says January 21, 2015

    Nope I’m not at that level yet hahaha

    I’m very busy preparing my course these days. Thanks for waiting and see you soon in the class. For the app business, I can now make only $10/day. Very far from that goal lol

Greyson says February 12, 2015

Can’t wait to get your course!
Let me know, I’m in with you

    Bank says February 12, 2015

    Thanks man! I’ll send the email to all subscribers when it’s ready 🙂

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