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Five Things to Do When Your Offer Stops Firing

I bet many people are familiar with the situation when your top offer stops converting. In fact, affiliate marketing is a rollercoaster ride. Campaigns are often up and down affairs. For a while, an offer might generate $1,000 a day, but then stop firing for no apparent reason. Sometimes, the conversions return for no reason, too. I’ve been in this situation several times – and here are five things I do when it rears its ugly head.

1. Check the offer’s landing page

The first thing I usually do is check the offer’s landing page. When I find the winning offer, I visit the landing page again and screen-capture the page. I’ll save this picture in my “top offer” folder. If it drops significantly, I’ll check the landing page again. Most of the time I find that the advertiser just wants to switch the traffic up a bit to optimize click-through rates, conversion rates, or whatever. This might affect our own conversion rate.

Anyway, there are many times when the landing page isn’t updated, but the conversions disappear. This has annoyed me often, because I send traffic from the same sources to the same targets, but the results get worse. I’ll explain what I do when this problem occurs in the next step.

2. Rotate traffic to the same offer in other networks

If nothing changes on the offer’s landing page, the advertiser or CPA network might scrub your leads. Your leads might not be quality ones. If the advertiser can’t make money from your lead, they may not pay for some of the conversions you make. Yes – sometimes they just scrub to make more money, too.

So, what to do in this situation? I usually split some traffic to the same offer in other networks. There are many CPA networks out there. You don’t need to stick with just one network. If the offer stops converting in your current network, try to steer traffic to the same offer in another network. It might give you a better conversion rate.

3. Send traffic to a related offer in the same niche

If the first and second methods don’t work, it’s time to look for a new offer, because your winner might be dead. I suggest you find a similar offer in the same niche. For example, if your old winning offer was “Senior People Meet”, which is a dating offer for elderly people, you might rotate all your traffic to another senior dating offer like “Our Time” or “Single Parent Meet”. Or, if you made lots of money from the Garcinia offer but it’s dying, try another Garcinia offer or another weight-loss product. There are many weight-loss offers on CPA networks.

Most of the time, traffic from the same demographic works well with other, similar offers.

4. Increase frequency caps

The next thing is to limit how often users see your offer. I’ve found that people don’t pay attention to this number. Most of them use just the default number the traffic source provides, which is one day. This means your offer will be shown to the same visitors, every day. Think: if you see a popup offering you the same product every day, what will you do? You’ll close it immediately. So why not show your product to visitors just once every three or four days? Allow them time to make a decision or to forget the deal. They might be interested next time you make the offer.

This tactic also helps your offer be seen by many visitors, too. If the frequency cap is just one day, the same visitors might see the same product every day. But if you limit how often the visitors see your offer, the traffic network will send your deal to other new visitors. I always set my frequency cap to more than three days for every campaign.

5. Do nothing, and just wait

Sometimes, it’s just not the right time for the offer. For example, people won’t shop during the first week of the new year, so conversions in the shopping niche might drop. I was in this situation before, and didn’t know what to do. I rotated my traffic to other, similar offers, but it didn’t work. So I just stopped worrying about it. Maybe people were traveling, I thought. So that’s what I did. And when the storm passed, the conversions were back.

These are the five things I usually do when my top offers stop firing. Don’t panic when you encounter this situation. It’s no fun riding out the ups and downs of this business. But the good thing is that your earnings can be almost limitless. Just keep doing, and never give up. Sure, some offers will die. But it’s not the end of the world.

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Bank has been working in the affiliate marketing industry since he was an undergrad in 2008. His favorite traffic source is PPV (Pay-Per-View). In 2013, he started sharing his journey on this blog and developed to help people create PPV landing pages.

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ngolim82 says February 20, 2015

Thanks Bank for all those useful information on ppv. I guess not many people are playing with it now.

    Bank says February 21, 2015

    haha you’re welcome man! thanks for visiting 🙂

Patrick says February 20, 2015

Hi Bank,

Love your posts. I’ve been actively doing PPV for just under 2 months now…predominantly using 50onRed (complete focus on PPV – nothing else). Despite knowing how to choose targets and get decent CTR on the landing pages, there have been no conversions after spending ~ $120.00 on multiple offers. Do you think this is typical? Any suggestions and or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!

– Patrick

    Bank says February 21, 2015

    I’m glad you like it 🙂

    Ask yourself these questions when you after collecting some stats.

    What did you get from $120?
    Are there any targets consume too much ads cost? Did you weed them out?
    How many campaigns did you run? Did the ads cost enough for all campaigns you ran?

    Learn from the data you get first.

    Hope this helps 🙂

swami says February 20, 2015

Well! Do nothing ..recently i had a problem with one of my major campaign, simply offer stop converting which resulted $500+ day loss .. i tried to switch few offers but nothing works! Then simply paused the campaign for 1 week, when i resume its fired like anything the end i changed nothing!!!!

    Bank says February 21, 2015

    yeah. that’s the mystery for doing affiliate lol

Josan says February 21, 2015

What happened to me twice already is that I found two converting offers while testing and shortly after, the offers were paused by the advertisers. It’s very frustrating when you have to start testing a new offer. I learned that you have to make your moves fast if you want to earn in this game of affiliate marketing.

    Bank says February 22, 2015

    Yes man. I’ve met this situation several times. What I do today is I try to focus on the offers that have been in many networks for a while. This can decrease the chance the offer expired a little bit.

Saylien Brown says March 2, 2015

Thanks Bank for the great tips. Let me add that pay close attention to the season/holiday events. Find sometimes my profitable campaigns stop firing just because a holiday came up. Also some campaigns convert better during the Winter season, but suck for Summer, so make a note of this.

    Bank says March 2, 2015

    Yes, thanks for adding  🙂

    Different offers are firing at different time.

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