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Let Make Money with CPA Networks!

Hi guys,

From the previous post, you have already known what PPV is and why you should start making money with it. Then, the next step you need to know is how to select a reliable CPA Network to work with.

What is a CPA Network?

A CPA (Cost Per Action) Network is a place where you can find many products, services or offers to promote and get commission. It acts like a medium between advertisers and publishers so they don’t need to contact each other directly. Just let the CPA networks handle all complicated processes. These offers are from various advertisers and you will work as a publisher who is able to promote any offers for these advertisers in the CPA network.

PeerFly OffersAbove is a user interface of PeerFly, which is one of the best CPA networks. You can see that there are many offers with payout, earning per click, and conversion rate data. Different CPA networks have different user interfaces depending on how they are designed but it doesn’t matter because what you need to pay attention to is just payout and the details of the offers. Every CPA network has a list of offers like this and most of them contain more than 1,000 offers for you to promote.

PeerFly CategoriesHere is a list of categories of offers you can make money from. You can see that there are various types to work with. I’d recommend you to stick with some first before moving to others, because different categories require different marketing methods. So let starts with offers from one or two groups first and try to be familiar with them.

Anyway, if you are going to start with PPV traffic, I’d suggest you to try a lead generation offer with a small payout, between $5-$10, first because PPV works well with this kind of offer. Lead generation is form submission, which will be converted when visitors enter their information.

Below is one example of lead generation offers I’d like to show you. The name of this offer is 1000 Vouchers DOI, which is a short form registration offer that will be converted when visitors submit their information to get a free voucher. You will receive $2.25 every time the advertiser receives visitor’s information.

100 Voucher Offer

If you see the offer’s landing page below, there are just only three fields that a visitor needs to fill out with their information to get $1000 of voucher for free. All you need to do is just show this offer to many visitors and encourage them to submit their information. I’ll cover knowledge about this method in the next post.

100 Voucher ScreenShot

Which CPA networks should I work with?

There are many CPA networks in this market but not all of them are good. You need to check the history and information of each network before applying. Currently, I’m working with W4, Neverblue, PeerFly, WolfStormMedia, and Ads4Dough and have never had any problems. All of them are leading-global networks and well supported.

Anyway, nowadays, many CPA networks are quite difficult to join especially if you are a newbie and have no experience so you need to find reliable and small CPA networks to work with first. I heard that AdWorksMedia is a good CPA network that welcomes newbies. PeerFly is also nice to newbies but you need to explain how you are going to promote offers in their network well and if you get rejected, you should contact and talk to them directly again. I know many guys used this method when they got rejected and could get into this network.

Okay, I think this is all you need to know about CPA networks. In the next post, I’ll tell you how to research and make some money with TOP offers in CPA networks.

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