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Four Common Mistakes That Newbies Usually Make When They Purchase Paid Traffic

I have received many messages from my readers and found that most of them describe the same problems. Here are the four common most mistakes that newbies make:

1. Starting With a High Payout Offer

Many of my readers just start promoting CPA offers using paid traffic. I found that many of them go for high payout offers, such as the $70 payout offer from Payday Loan. It can work if you have enough data. You have to test many targets and landing pages to find the combination that gives you the highest profit. This requires a high budget and time. So don’t blame your AM if you spend just $20 and don’t get any conversions.

I always tell you that PPV traffic usually works well with lead-generation offers. It’s the easiest way to get your feet wet with minimal pain. Select a couple of lead-generation offers that have payouts between $3 to $10, and learn the PPV process when you start. This method doesn’t require a high budget. It’s a much better way to start.

2. Not Tracking The Campaign

The second common mistake people make is to not track their campaigns. They might install tracking software and have all their campaigns set up in there, but they never check their stats. Some people don’t understand the data they get, so they ignore it.

Understanding your data is very important when you do affiliate marketing, especially with paid traffic. Because every bit of traffic you send to the offer has a price, you have to utilize every single cent you pay. Try to understand the data you get, learn how to cut your losses, and how to scale.

3. Not Cutting Bad Keywords Or Targets

The next thing that most people won’t do is cut their losses or scale up their campaigns. I got a message from one of my readers who asked me when should we cut our losses. He spent double of the offer’s payout for one keyword with no conversion, but he still ran this keyword. I asked why he did that, because the keyword had only produced losses. I was surprised at how many people still don’t know how to cut losses. It basically means removing the targets or keywords that consume too much budget and don’t produce conversions. The advanced technique to cut loss is to just define the ROI we want, and calculate the maximum cost we will spend for each target. It’s as simple as that.

For the scaling process, many people only know that adding more keywords to a campaign can increase traffic volume. This is correct, but before scaling up a campaign, consider the data you get. Many people just add more targets without thinking. The way to select more keywords is the same as what did the first time they ran the campaign. You already paid for the data and see some keywords that give you a conversion, but why, when you add more keywords, do you start from scratch? Why don’t you find targets that are related to the one that gave you conversions? Using your data to scale up your campaign is much easier and has a higher success rate than a blind search for new keywords.

4. Copying Other Campaigns

The last thing I usually see is that many people just use the spy tool like BoxOfAds to see what other people are doing and clone their campaign. They never study what they are doing. They just clone and pray. This method won’t work unless you know what you’re doing.

Although BoxOfAds gives you everything, including the landing page and targets, you still need to know how to cut losses and optimize your campaign from the data you get. Don’t forget that BoxOfAds can’t tell you whether a campaign owner makes a profit or loss. It just scrapes out everything it finds. So it’s very important to know the fundamentals, such as how to cut losses and scale up your campaign if you want to stay in this market in the long term.

These are common mistakes I hear about from my readers. I hope you get something from this article and can adapt the information to your affiliate marketing.

P.S. I’m going to reveal the strategy I’ll use this year with PPV in a short report within next two weeks. Also, I’ll announce my video training course about PPV, too. Both have been going through Clickbank’s approval process. I have spent lots of time to build it for you guys. It describes every step I always take when I run my own campaigns. I’ll teach you everything – from the basic steps to technical knowledge such as how to use tracking software. Most importantly, the price is affordable. So stay tuned!

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Justin says March 31, 2015

Can’t wait for it man – I will get it my honest review.

    Bank says March 31, 2015

    Thanks man!

Joe Latham says April 26, 2015

Man I see so many not tracking. It is not that hard to do with all the technology these days.

This is the number one thing that must be done to see what is working and what is not.

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