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Ask Bank The Series #1

Hey guys,

First of all, sorry for not making a new post on my blog last week. I have been very BUSY since my grandma has been in hospital for a month. So, my temporary office is in the hospital and it’s not convenient for me to work on things. Anyway, she is getting better now so I take my MBP here to get work done.


Now, I’d like to introduce you to the ‘Ask Bank The Series’ post. Some of you might already know what it is. I have created this section for a while here and got many questions from my readers. Although I answered their questions, many people have the same questions and I’m too lazy to repeat the same answers many times, even though I found many questions interesting and I want to post them to my blog too. So if you have any questions related to internet marketing, fire away.

In exchange I will send you my ‘PPV Game Killer’ for free if your questions are posted on my blog.

The first questions for this series are here.

I read your blog and found some posts where you mentioned “angle”. Can you explain me what “angle” means? I really do not understand it clearly.

Angle means different ways to promote the offer. For example, if I’m going to promote MyPCBackup, the backup service offer, I may direct link to the offer or create a landing page, right? If you promote it this way, you will find many competitors using the same data backup websites as targets.

In contrast, if I create a landing page, there are many ways to design it. I can design it for many types of audience. The important thing is to figure out what your target audience is interested in.

Let’s see this:

  • People who scared of data loss
  • People who scared of viruses
  • People who just want to back up their work
  • People who are scared of a natural disaster
  • etc.

These are all angles you can use to promote the MyPCBackup offer. You may create a landing page to warn visitors to protect their computers from virus. Then, pop it up on the websites that likely contain viruses or malware such as porn sites or casino sites. This will help you avoid many competitors and crazy bidding prices.

Alternatively, if I’m going to promote loan offers, I can offer them to many people too.

  • Students who are looking for tuition fees
  • People who are going to buy a car
  • People who are going to buy a house
  • People who want an iPhone
  • etc.

These are also marketing angles. Instead of just showing the loan offer on the loan sites, you should create the right landing page and send it to the right audience. In this case, the landing page may show up on the Apple Store website and ask if visitors have enough money to buy an iPhone. This might work especially well in the days after Apple release the new iPhone. Also, not many people place a bid on so you can bid at the minimum price.

Anyway, it’s just an idea. You need to try by yourself.

What criteria would you use in deciding to choose offers?

I usually check the offer based on the list of top offers from my AM. Also, I use Alexa and Similarweb to check the offer’s website stats. If it’s a good product or offer and has high demand, I may promote it. Some of my readers wonder why I don’t check the earning per click (EPC). To be honest, it doesn’t mean anything because many people send lots of different kinds of traffic to offers.

Different traffic sources have different natures. For example, you may get high EPC using PPC because people search what they are looking for on a search engine and PPC ads serve them the right thing. They search and they likely want to get something. So, the conversion rate is usually higher.

In contrast, I’m a fan of PPV and I like to offer products or services to people WITHOUT asking their permission. I just show the Wizard101 registration page while people are browsing the Harry Potter website. They didn’t visit the Harry Potter site to play games, but I offer them a chance to play, so the conversion rate could be lower. (But the PPV bidding price is much lower than PPC.)

For a newbie who does not have a large budget, how much money should I need to start? Which traffic source would you recommend to a newbie?

This is a difficult question. For now, TrafficVance is the best PPV network but they require a $1,000 deposit for US and $5,000 for international players. I’m not sure of this number at the moment, but this was the amount I paid them for the first time. You may spend less and start with LeadImpact ($1,000 deposit) or 50onRed ($500 deposit).

Additionally, VPS and tracking software are also required. For VPS, I suggest you purchase service from Beyond Hosting. They provide VPS especially for affiliates. You can use my coupon “PPVKILLER” to get a 50% discount for 6 months. For the tracking software, you may start with prosper202, which is free. If you have a higher budget, I really recommend CPVLab, as it’s much more convenient. “ALCHEBANK” coupon will give you a $50 discount.

To sum up, I recommend TrafficVance if you are able to join them. If not, try 50onRed. So, the minimum budget to start PPV is around $550 to $1,050.

If you have any questions, go to the ‘Ask Bank’ page.

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Bank has been working in the affiliate marketing industry since he was an undergrad in 2008. His favorite traffic source is PPV (Pay-Per-View). In 2013, he started sharing his journey on this blog and developed to help people create PPV landing pages.

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yu says January 10, 2015

I’m the first to send a comment here? wow

helpful post, i’ve get the word angle understood clearly

    Bank says January 10, 2015

    Haha. Thank you for coming! 🙂

Ei Leng Chuah says February 14, 2015

I read your posts and one of them recommended spying tool Box of ads.
I have signed up for that and found that most of the landing pages there are direct link to the advertisers’ websites. I have tried some of the target URLs there and they don’t make much sense.Thus, the objective to spy on other people’s landing page angles are unmet. URLs targets are useless.

Perhaps i missed something? Cuz the price of $147 per month does not make sense…

How did you utilize the information there?


    Bank says February 14, 2015

    There are many ways to use BoxOfAds. I wrote some tips on BoxOfAds’s blog. You can read it here

    Well, the key to use this tool for me is to find the offers and landing pages that work. I rarely check the targets that my competitors use because there are too many. Just see couple targets and think about the demographics of target audience.

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