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Ask Bank The Series #2 Accept The Failure

It’s been almost three months since I last published questions from my readers on my blog. Actually, I’ve got many questions in that period, but I had other things to post on my blog. So, I just answered the questions straight back to their email. Now though, it’s time to select some interesting questions and post them here!

If I follow your PPV plan, will I make my money back?

I’ve had this kind of question from many people – “If I read your PPV Game Killer, will I be able to make profit?” It’s very important to change your mindset if you think you can make lots of money just by following the suggestions from me or even other experts who make $x,xxxx,xxxx a month.

Everybody knows how to get ‘A’s’ when we study in high school, right? Just pay attention to what our teacher teaches, read books, and do the homework. We all know that step, but not everybody gets ‘A’s’ even though we all follow these steps.

So, what’s the problem?

The problem is that everybody wants success without failure. But the simple truth is, no one succeeds without failure. I’ve run more than a thousand campaigns but I still make losses in many of them. Some of my profitable campaigns have even made losses in the past few days. What we all have to is just keep trying and learning until we succeed.

What I cover in my eBook or my upcoming training course is only the processes and steps I always use when I work. Although I show you my cut loss and scale strategy, you still need time to try and learn it by yourself. Also, I can’t show you my stats, targets, or the offers. These are what you have to figure out.

To sum up, the answer to this question is: it depends on you.

I have been reading your blog for a while and am interested in trying PPV. Can you tell me how to find a good offer to promote?

This is another question I often get from my readers.

Well, most of the time, I always ask my Affiliate Manager what offers are “on fire” at the moment. Also, I always ask him for a list of top performing offers. Start with these offers first. You’ll have a higher chance of making them profitable.

After you get the list of offers, the next thing is to select just a couple of them to promote.

Firstly, I’ll check the offer’s landing page. Remember that the list you get is not suited to every traffic source. I use PPV as my main traffic source so I’ll check whether that the offer will be converted when visitors submit a form or credit card in just few steps or not. If it requires too many steps and people need to scroll down a lot to take an action, I won’t select the offer. It might be good for other traffic types but I don’t think it’s good for PPV.

The next thing I will consider is the offer’s payout. It must not be too low. I usually select the offers that have a payout of more than $4, otherwise it’s difficult for me to make a profit from them. Imagine if the offer’s payout is $2 and you want to make at least $1 from one conversion; the maximum amount of views needed to get one lead is 100 (let’s assume that the cost per view is $0.01).

Do you think you can get one lead from a hundred views? If you think you can, you can do it. Remember, this is in the case of the direct link method. If you use a landing page, the number of clicks to the offer will be lower than this. So, I suggest that you avoid these kinds of offers especially when you just start PPV. Some people might be able to make money from these offers, but I personally think it’s difficult.

During Step 5: would you mind explaining more about “enough data”? Like, how do you consider that a campaign has significant data before you go to the next step? Under which step will you start testing with landing pages?

There is a good question in the previous post about PPV, so I’ll post it again here.

It depends on the offer’s payout. I usually determine the target when it receives enough traffic. And how much is enough? You have to define how much you want from one conversion. In many cases, I want to get at least half the amount of the payout back.

For example, let’s assume that the offer’s payout is $5. If my ad cost for one target is $2.5 but it gives me no conversion, I’ll remove it from my campaign. If it has a conversion, I’ll keep it running.

I’ll test the landing page when I’m sure that the offer works. Let’s say it gives me 20-30 conversions since I started. I’ll then consider doing the landing page.

Okay, these were some interesting questions from my readers. If you have any questions, you can always submit your questions in the Ask Bank page. I’ll manage my time to answer the questions once a day.

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    I’m glad you like it!

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With questions like those, I’m sure they want you to run their campaigns for them. Lol

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