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Double Your ROI with a Landing Page!

First of all… Happy New Year Everybody! I hope all of you had a blast this year! It’s been such a long time since I’ve written anything. I was a bit busy and lazy because there were many holidays and it was very cold in Thailand! (It’s usually very warm; I don’t know why this […]

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Let’s move to passive ways

Since I’ve found a big drop in my PPV campaigns (You can read here: Welcome to the roller coaster business!), I start looking for other ways to generate money for me in the long-term while I really do nothing. For PPV, I currently need to create new campaigns all the time because many offers come […]

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Welcome to the roller coaster business!

Hi, everyone! Long time no see. I’m so sorry that I’ve not updated my blog for a month. There are some problems with my Internet marketing business. I did really well in October. My earnings got higher every day until I reached more than $1,000 a day for a week. I was very happy and […]

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Five Things to Know Before Running Campaigns using Paid-Traffic

Hi all, How is your Internet marketing business so far? This year has only two months and a few days left, so let’s make more money before it ends! This year I have intensively worked with paid traffic, and now I’m familiar with it and understand how it works. Here are things you need to […]

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Hide My Ass is now available in the App Store!

Hi my amigos, A few days ago I received an email from Hide My Ass informing me that they are now available in the Apple App Store. This is really good news for me and all affiliates because now we can access any offer’s landing pages from our iPhone or iPad. Hide My Ass is […]

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