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Which offers work well with PPV Traffic?

Hi all, Since I have launched WSO, PPV Game Killer, many customers keep asking me this question: “Which offers work well with PPV traffic?” Well, I would say that all offers could be converted using PPV traffic. It all depends on testing. Anyway, I usually have luck with “Cost Per Lead” offers, or any offers […]

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September’s Summary & Holiday in Chiang Mai

Hi there, How are you my friends? I’m sorry that I haven’t updated my blog for about two weeks. I took a few days off in Chiang Mai, so I didn’t have much time to write some stuff for you guys. Have you ever been in Chiang Mai, Thailand before? I think it’s a good […]

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Introduce Preview Popper!

Hi amigo, Today, I have something useful for PPV guys. Actually, I added it to my blog about 2-3 weeks ago, but not many of you have seen it yet so I’d like to introduce Preview Popper for you guys. Preview Popper is a tool that you can use to preview your landing page in […]

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Don’t let traffic lost hurt your overall ROI!

Hi guys, Recently, I checked the statistics of my affiliate campaigns in CPVLab and found that there is a large amount of traffic lost in my campaigns. As you guys know, I generally use PPV as my main traffic source and this kind of traffic can send lots of visitors to your campaigns constantly. If […]

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August’s Summary

Hello September! How are you guys? Did you have a good month in August? The previous month was pretty awesome for me. My revenue was greater than what I did in July, but ROI was significantly decreased, lol. Here are my revenue stats for August 2013: Revenue: $14,386.17 Expense: $11,702.85 Profit: $2,683.32 ROI: 22.9% I made lower profits compared […]

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