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The 3 Must-Haves for Affiliate Marketers

Some people make more than thousands bucks a day from affiliate marketing. Many more suffer losses and claim that making money is very hard. Why is the amount of cash these two groups generate very different? Is affiliate marketing easy or difficult? I have been in this industry for more than seven years. I thought […]

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Q1 2015 Internet Marketing Journey Update

The third month of the year has passed. That was fast! It feels like I started creating the PPV Profit System just last week. I’ve done many things since the start of this year. Now it’s time to write some updates. In this post, I’ll share my journey and what I did in the first […]

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Do you want to learn to make a few bucks using PPV right away?

Hey guys! It has been three months already since I told you guys I decided to do the PPV training course. Actually, I started creating this video course in December last year but it took a lot of effort and time to finish it—about three and a half months. There are many processes I had […]

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Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle in Singapore!

Hey hey hey! I just got back from Singapore. I’m a bit tired, but I don’t want to miss writing the blog post for this week. One of my new year’s resolutions is to write a new blog post once a week. I already missed one post last month, and I don’t want to miss […]

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Four Common Mistakes That Newbies Usually Make When They Purchase Paid Traffic

I have received many messages from my readers and found that most of them describe the same problems. Here are the four common most mistakes that newbies make: 1. Starting With a High Payout Offer Many of my readers just start promoting CPA offers using paid traffic. I found that many of them go for […]

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