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How to work just 3 hours a day and get better results

My grandma has been sick lately and has been in the hospital for the past two weeks. I went there to visit her every day. I stayed in the hospital from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm every day and I only had a few hours to work after I arrived home. This situation forces me […]

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How The Power Of Less Helps Me Reach $1,000/day Profit

During the first month of this year, I have already read three books and two of them have completed changed the way I work. Those two books I really recommend are The Power of Less written by Leo Babauta and Essentialism written by Greg McKeown. Their main idea is about changing how we work to […]

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Sleep Hacking: Wake Up Insanely Early Challenge

Hey man, After reading many posts from Charles Ngo about his 30-day challenge and following AsianEfficiency, I’m interested in productivity hacks. From today, I’m starting the new habit challenge. The first one is to wake up insanely early at 4:30am for 30 days.   Why I Want to Become an Early Riser Well, recently I […]

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Seven lessons learned from outsourcing (almost) everything…

Hey hey hey! My internet marketing factory works very fast since there are many people working in the system I made. I’m currently hiring 4 people for 3 projects. It took quite long time to find these talents and make the system flow and below are the lessons I have learned since I started outsourcing […]

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