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Start Your Own eCommerce Business With Shopify

Hello there! I haven’t updated my blog for about two weeks, because I’m busy with setting up my new store at Shopify. My friend, who’s been doing great at Teespring, recommended this platform to me. Many people in the group that previously talked about Teespring also mentioned Shopify, so I figured I’d check it out.

What is Shopify?


Some of you might not be familiar with Shopify. Let me briefly give you the details. Shopify is basically an eCommerce platform that enables you to sell ANYTHING online – not just t-shirts. You don’t need to write any code to run your store. You can control everything – promotion, product up-sells, shipping, or sale funnels – exactly the way you want. They provide all sorts of apps that help you sell things to people creatively by using product upsells, email marketing, and other methods.

Why did I move from Teespring to Shopify?

I’ve been selling t-shirts on Teespring for a while. I make a lot of bucks from it, but I want to move to the next level. On Teespring, I can sell only t-shirts, and it’s not flexible enough for me to do any creative marketing.

For example, if some people add products to the shopping cart but don’t proceed to the checkout, Teespring won’t let me follow up with them. I can do that in Shopify, which provides a system that sends recently added items in the customer’s shopping cart to their email address and asks them to complete the checkout process. You can also send a discount coupon to their email to encourage them to do the same thing.


From my statistics, around 30-40% of people don’t proceed to checkout. If you can convert 10 or 20% of these prospects into actual customers, you can make more money from them – for free – just by sending the follow-up messages that you can’t send in Teespring.

As I said, on Shopify you can sell anything – not just t-shirts. Let’s assume you have a niche market in which you make a lot of money by selling t-shirts. Why limit yourself to selling only t-shirts? There are other similar products – such as necklaces or mugs –you can print your design on. These products are easy to sell. They allow you to make the most money from your niche market.

Pros & Cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to moving your store to Shopify. Here are the ones I’ve found:


  • You can sell anything online, not just t-shirts. You can hire fulfillment providers to produce and deliver the products for you.
  • Shopify provides apps for creative marketing, such as abandonment protector and product up-sells.
  • Products such as t-shirts cost less than they do at Teespring.
  • People can combine many t-shirt designs in one order. They can save a lot on shipping costs, and Shopify provides more chances to get many t-shirts in a single order.


  • You have to carefully check the quality of the fulfillment. If your fulfiller delivers poor products, or the wrong products, to the customers, you’ll lose their trust.
  • There are higher monthly fees for the store. The price for Shopify ranges from $29 to $179 per month. Also, there are additional costs from some of the marketing apps.

These are the pluses and minuses I’ve found after involving myself in this platform for a while. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the system. I’ve also had good results.


After trying it for a week, I’m satisfied with my results. Although the conversion rate of my landing page might not be as good as Teespring, the overall profit seems solid – and there’s room to improve.


This is the one day result I got from the first week I moved my products to the new store.

I got fewer orders than I did in Teespring, but most of customers purchased more than one design at a time. If I can optimize my landing page and sale funnels, I might get much better results.


To sum up, this is the next stage in my journey. Shopify is not my new project. It’s just the next level of selling t-shirts on Teespring. I think it can be good for you, too, as long as you have a profitable niche market and creative marketing ideas that Teespring doesn’t provide.

You can sell a lot more products using this platform – but if you’re no good at marketing or too lazy to support your customers, then this platform is not right for you.

I’ll keep updating my Shopify experiences in my blog.

Ready? Go get started.

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