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How to Sell Products on Amazon With ZERO Inventory and Little Cash

Selling products on Amazon is amazing, because it’s the largest Internet retailer in North America. More than two million people browse for various products on this website every month.

Before I went to Europe last April, I set up a team to build my new income stream, which is from selling print-on-demand products in the Amazon marketplace.

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you will have received an email in which I introduced you to an online course named the Low Hanging System.

I’m not going to pitch this course in this post. I’m going to write about what emerged for me after I followed this system, and my most recent results.

The Concept

This is about selling products on Amazon with ZERO inventory and ZERO ad dollars spent.

Basically, what you have to do is to create designs for print-on-demand products such as coffee mugs, shot glasses, necklaces, etc. and list them on Amazon.

That’s it. Simple, right?

When you get some sales, the supplier (which is GearBubble) will AUTOMATICALLY produce and ship the products for you.

You don’t have to do anything about inventory.

No inventory.
No product fulfillment.
No ads spent.

Again, all you have to do is CREATE the products and LIST them on Amazon.

That’s the whole project concept.

The Process

This is the process I used while I took a trip to Europe for a month. As I said, I was in Europe, so I didn’t have much time to handle this project. So I hired two virtual assistants – a product researcher, and a graphic designer.

What I do is check the trends to learn which market I should jump into. Then I let my product researcher know what kinds of products we’ll push to the Amazon market. She then asks my graphic designer create designs to put on the products. When the designs are ready, my VA uploads the products to Amazon.

The ACTUAL Results

Now you understand the concept and the process. So let’s see the results. I’ve been running this project for around three months. My results are in the image below.

My products have sold almost every day, especially around Father’s Day. Many people purchased gifts for their dads.

After Father’s Day, my sales dropped significantly. The products I sell these days are in niches such as Nurse, Firefighter, Veteran, etc.

From my stats, I think print-on-demand products sell well when people buy them as a gift for someone. If they buy it for themselves, it will be a product that represents them (like Nurse mugs, or Firefighter Mugs).

So, before the holiday season at the end of the year, I’ll let my team focus on more general niches.

The Problems

Anyway, it’s not as easy as I thought. When I first listed a few products on Amazon, I had to wait about a month to get my first sale.

In the second month, I still made less than 10 sales. I thought there must be something wrong, so I went to Amazon and checked why other mugs sold very well.

What I discovered is that my mugs were too expensive compared to other shops. Although I offered free shipping, the text “FREE Shipping” text on the product page is very small compared to the price tag.

My products were $14.95 with free shipping, but other products that sold very well were around $9.95-12.95 with a $3-4 shipping fee, which is actually more expensive than my price.

I thought this was the problem. I decided to change all of my product prices – from $14.95 with free shipping, to $10.95 with $4.95 for the shipping. This is actually more expensive than the previous price.

If you’re new to Amazon, it’s difficult to change all product prices in Amazon. They don’t provide bulk products editing for you. You have to download the inventory file and the Price and Quantity template, edit your product prices, and upload them again to Amazon.

Anyway, the result was that my higher-priced mugs sold much better than they did at the lower price! I was lucky to find this problem and solve it in time for Father’s Day.

I now have more visitors browsing my products’ page. My page views increased from less than 10 views a day to more than 40 views a day after I changed the price on the front-end page.

So pricing strategy is quite important.

What’s next?

Even though I sell mugs almost every day, my sales volume is quite low and I haven’t reached five-figures per month yet. I think I need to focus more on the keywords.

I’ve never read anything about the keyword strategy on Amazon. This is what I need to learn more about.

I also need to prepare the team for the year-end season as well. It’s the period when people will spend most of their money.

Want to get started?

As I told you, I’m not aiming to pitch you any products in this post, but if you want to follow what I do, check out what I’ve written below.

The only budget you need is $297 for the Low Hanging System Course. You will learn all processes – starting with creating the Amazon account, setting up the account, researching products, etc.

With this $297, you will also get the GearBubble Dropship System. You NEED this system, because it will help you handle all the order processing. You don’t have to create orders or ship products by yourself. GearBubble will do it for you.

You can read more about this course by clicking this link. This is my affiliate link. If you purchase this course through my link, I’ll get paid a commission. I can use it to monetize this blog and write interesting case studies like this one for you. 🙂

OK, this concludes my update on my side project. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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Steven says February 12, 2019

Hi Bank, can you tell us please, Does this model work in 2019? I checked the course “Low Hanging System Course.” it’s 2016. I don’t know we can use this course now, because Amazon changed a lot! Thank for sharing!

    Bank says February 13, 2019

    Yes, it still works. My team is still working on it every day and I have around 60,000++ products in Amazon 🙂

E says February 26, 2019

hi bank, I’m also evaluating the lhs. could you share, 1) how long have u been running this? 2) what’s the total net profit so far after all expenses including VAs and integration costs etc? 3) how much net profit was it last month in jan2019 passively after factoring last month’s expenses? thanks.

    Bank says February 26, 2019

    1. I’ve been doing this for about two years now. 2. The net profit has been almost six figures now after deducting all expenses. 3. Last month was not good because we just passed the holiday season and people didn’t spend much in Jan. Anyway, the net profit was around four figures.

Elias says March 14, 2019

hey Bank,

could you check the link for the course again?

I keep getting

“Your connection is not secure. The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.”

    Bank says March 15, 2019

    Sorry about that. Link Fixed 🙂

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