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5 Lessons I Learned From Don Wilson’s Mastermind in Bali

This month, I had a chance to join the Bali Mastermind by Don Wilson. He’s the founder of GearBubble, which is one of best print-on-demand platforms on earth.

I had never attended any overseas masterminds. This was my first one. I was quite excited, and I actually didn’t know what it was about. Don called it a “Life-Changing Mastermind”. Many people who attended the previous mastermind told me it was awesome. So I decided to make it this time.

At first, I thought the mastermind was a kind of the seminar or workshop, but it’s not. I think it’s like private coaching, actually. Don put 20+ awesome entrepreneurs in the same room and got discussing things.

We had to write down our strengths, weaknesses, business, revenue goals, etc. Then we had to tell Don and everyone in the room about what we’re doing. Don would give us useful advice. Some other people shared their experience and advice, too.

I learned a lot by just listening to other people sharing their own situation and the advice from Don. When I was on the hot seat, I also got lots of valuable advice from Don, too.

Here are the five great things I learned from my Bali Mastermind:

#1 The Great Entrepreneurs Never Stop Grinding

The first thing I learned from this mastermind is that many great entrepreneurs never stop grinding.

Before I went to Bali, I thought what I have done was awesome. I can make five figures a month from my eCom and Mobile App Business, and these are more than enough to live in Thailand.

So, I’m very chill. Nowadays, when I wake up, I go to the gym, have lunch, go back home and take a nap, check my ads manager a bit, watch some movies and go to bed. This is what my daily routine looks like.

Some weeks I take days off to travel to other countries. If you follow my blog, you will know that I’ve been to many countries recently. I rarely work.

Yes, it’s good – but at some point, I realize it’s boring.

On the first day of this mastermind, I found some people who had made $30 millions within just 6 months. Some people aim to make $50 million this year alone. On the last day of the mastermind, we heard a person who made $100k a day!

I said to myself, “WTF!” How small I was in this room! I truly felt like a newbie.

As the various attendees shared their stories, I realized that they never stopped grinding. They always aim for the bigger goal. Making more money is always fun.

#2 Surround Yourself With People Who Are Better Than You

The way to get better is to surround yourself with better people. I read some books long time ago. The writers said that you are the average of the people you spend the most time with. So to move to the next level, you have to change your environment.

Luckily, those better people were here in this Bali mastermind!

I’m actually not that good at networking. Also, my English is not good enough to communicate with people fluently. Before I went to Bali, I downloaded the TV Series “The Flash”, which is about a superhero. I watched it every day to improve my listening skills. Fortunately, it helped a lot. I could understand 70-80% of what the people at the mastermind were talking about.

When I was in Bali, I tried to move closer to a group of people who were talking. Even though I had no idea what should I say, I would sit near a group of people first. When I had an idea about what they were talking about, I’d join the chat.

On the first few day, it was a bit difficult for me to do this. But it I got better at it.

I learned new things from them every day. They shared what they had done in their businesses, their goals, their life, etc. I just realized that there are so many things I never knew about in this business.

When I compared myself to the people in this environment, I was pretty sure I was below the average. Hopefully, I will reach the average – or a bit higher than average soon!

It was very fun and useful to talk to the people here. If I have a chance to join the next mastermind, I’ll definitely do it again.

#3 Production Flow is Most Important

When I was listening to other people talking during their hot seat, Don always emphasized the Production Flow. He told us we need to build a good production flow to test new products every day.

Before I knew about this, I’d launched less than 30 products in the last year. I had 15 winners, and I kept scaling them, again and again. When products started stop selling, I stopped promoting those products. A few months later, I’d try to promote the old winner again. I kept doing this for the whole year.

I just knew that many people here kept testing new products every day, while I focus only on scaling using Facebook Ads. I struggle when my ad campaigns don’t work. Actually, it’s because people have seen my products too often. I rarely introduce them to new products.

Don told us we should build our production flow and hire someone to handle it. It’s the most important process. It’s not about Facebook ads, up-sell strategy, email marketing, etc. It’s about testing new products.

So when I came back home, my friends and I started establishing a team to do the production flow. Now we’re launching at least 5 new products a day. We’ve been testing around 40 products so far and found 8 new products that have sold very well. This is a real game-changer for us!

#4 Teamwork Divides The Task and Multiplies The Success

Most of the entrepreneurs in this mastermind have their own team. It’s not just about hiring Virtual Assistants or Freelancers – they have real business partners and work together with them.

My roommate attended this mastermind this past February in Phuket. He told me that, before that mastermind, he used to work individually. Afterwards, he returned to his hometown and started building the business with his partners.​ Their business has made a lot this year. I don’t want to mention the number here – but it’s a big one! His partners also came to this mastermind this time.

I think it’s really cool!

I asked him why he decided to work in a team. “We want to move to something much bigger,” he replied.

I said to myself: “So do I!”

During the mastermind, my friends and I decided to merge our businesses. We will start working as a team from now on. When we came back to Bangkok, we gathered another two friends to work together with us.

We divide the tasks and assign them to every person on the team. We have a production team, a marketing team, and a fulfillment team.

The productivity has definitely increased since we started working together. To be honest, if I work alone, I will often take a nap. Working together is forcing me to focus on the tasks I’m responsible for.

Now, we’ve done more work than we’ve ever done before!

#5 Bintang Beer is Awesome!

The photo says it all…

At the last day of the mastermind, we traveled to many places in Bali and ended up with many bottles of beer at the hotel. That was nice.

These are the main things I learned from this mastermind. (Yes, Bintang is a good thing, too.) I’ve already applied some of what I learned in my business. Don also set a BIG new goal this year for me. It’s time to start grinding and aiming high!

This mastermind really opened a whole new world for me!

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