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GearBubble Pro Review – Insights from a Top Seller

I’ve been using GearBubble Pro since it was launched few weeks ago, and already I’m one of the top sellers on this platform.

In case you don’t know what GearBubble Pro is, let me fill you in.

GearBubble Pro (a.k.a. GB Pro) is an eCommerce platform that allows you to easily create your own online store and sell any product you like.

When GB Pro launched, my team decided to create a new store using the platform. We had a few stores with Shopify, but when Don launched this new platform, we wanted to give it a try.

We created the new store for a new niche market that we’d never done before. Within a month, we had reached $1M++ a month. Actually, we made more than that, but our suppliers can’t produce more products for us, so we had to reduce our ad spending for a while.

As I’m writing this post, two of my team members are in China to contact new suppliers and source more products. Hopefully, we can hit another NEW HIGH this month.

Okay, here is my review of GB Pro from a top seller’s perspective. I will compare a few features with Shopify, too, so you can understand them more clearly.

If you read my review and decide to use GB Pro and buy it through my link, there are some bonuses from me at the end of this article.

Simple & Fast Setup

The first thing I liked GB Pro was that it’s really simple to use. You can have the store ready within 24 hours. No need to set up anything like the theme, or the look and feel of the website, marketing tactics, or installing apps.

It’s all done for you.

The steps to creating your store with GB Pro is simple. Just register the new domain name, point it to GB Pro, insert your store logo, add some products, and your store will be ready.

A high-converting theme has already been set up for you. You don’t need to worry about where to put the “add to cart” button, product image, countdown timer, checkout page, etc.

GB Pro gives all those to you with high-class optimization. You can focus on only product sourcing and customer acquisition, which is what you need to make money.

Ready to Go, High-Converting Landing Page

The second reason I like this platform is that the product page is highly optimized.
A few days before GB Pro launched, my team set up a new store with Shopify. We had run a few campaigns there, but the conversion rate was not that good. We used the Mobilia theme, which is one of Shopify’s top themes.

So when we created the new store with GB Pro, we tried running a few campaigns for our Shopify Store and the GB Pro store at the same time.

The results were very different. The “add to cart” and purchase rate in the GB Pro store was much better than it was in Shopify.

You will have everything set up and ready on the landing page, including a countdown timer, customer review, related products, etc.

Again, no need to install or pay for any apps. It’s all ready for you.

Not only does the product landing page convert very well – the one-page checkout is another important factor, too. Let me give you more detail in the next section.

Fast Checkout Process

This is HUGE! I think this is the part of GB Pro I like the most: the one-page checkout.
Check your Shopify store. When people click the “Add To Cart” button, they will have 2-3 forms they need to fill in before checkout.

In GB Pro, there is only a one-page checkout.

The process is:

1. Click “Buy it now”
2. Enter the quantity.
3. Complete just “one” checkout form
4. Boom!

You can do this in Shopify too, but you need an app (Carthook or One-Click-Upsell) to offer the one-page checkout.

GB Pro also gives you the “One Click Upsell” after the checkout process, too. Your customers can buy your upsell products with just one click after the checkout process is done.

One of my stores is using Carthook, which charges me $300 every month.

But you get it for FREE in GB Pro.

This is the most important process you can use to turn your prospects into customers fast and significantly increase your AOV (Average Order Value).

Effective Platform, but VERY Cheap

So far, this system is pretty awesome. And I haven’t even described many other awesome features it offers, such as email marketing, its subscription system, affiliate system, etc, yet.

In addition to these effective features, the price is VERY CHEAP!

It’s just $97/month for 1 store.

There are no order fees, so through this alone you can save a lot of monthly expenses. My team has paid Shopify more than $1,000 every month for order fees and apps. Since we moved here, we have saved lots of money.

Okay…these are a few reasons my team decided to move from Shopify to GB Pro. It’s way better.

No order fees, no apps needed, ready-to-go high-converting landing pages and a fast checkout process. This lets my team focus on making money!

Heavy Weapon for this Q4

If you want to crush this Q4 with the most simple, highly effective eCommerce platform, GB Pro is the tool you’re looking for.

You can get your store ready within 24 hours and start selling very quickly. Don’t spend time learning how to optimize the landing page or install the apps. It’s all done for you here.


If you decide to give it a try, get it with my link: Click Here

I’m going to give you the GB Pro Cheat Sheet and a $35 credit for the first month. The GB Pro Cheat Sheet includes everything you need to know to set up your store.

The store that my team created with GB Pro required less than a month to reach $1M in sales. It’s for a new niche market that we’d never tackled before.

I’ll include the steps we took in this cheat sheet too, with a few details about how to run and scale your Facebook marketing campaigns.

I will send you the bonus after your 14-day trial period ends.


1. Click this link: GB Pro – The Best eCommerce Platform
2. Sign up for GB Pro. There is ZERO risk, because there’s a 14-day free trial.
3. Start selling your products through your GB Pro store.
4. After the 14-day trial period ends and you pay to be a GB Pro member, I’ll send you the $35 credit and GB Pro Cheat Sheet.

Again, you will get everything you need to run your own eCommerce store. No need to pay for order fees. Get all of these things for under $100/month…

It’s a fantastic deal!

Go get it here – and let’s crush Q4 together!

About the Author Bank

Bank has been working in the affiliate marketing industry since he was an undergrad in 2008. His favorite traffic source is PPV (Pay-Per-View). In 2013, he started sharing his journey on this blog and developed to help people create PPV landing pages.

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Ginn says November 11, 2017

Hi bank, thanks for your insights on gb! Can gb do POD or aliexpress dropshipping?

    Bank says November 11, 2017

    Yes. You can sell both 🙂

      Ginn says November 12, 2017

      How do you do about it? 😁

        Bank says November 13, 2017

        There are options for you to add POD or Dropship products in the GB Pro dashboard.

Jay says November 15, 2017

Hi, I signed up through your link for GB Pro but not sure how to claim the bonuses.I sent a email to but no response.

    Bank says November 15, 2017

    Thank you! After your 14-day trial period ends, send the receipt to my email. I’ll send you the bonus 🙂

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