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When I started my LHS business, it was difficult to find a good graphic designer who would create simple text designs at a cheap price.

Most graphic designers will charge at least $10 or $15 per design.

This is a very cheap and standard price in the market.

BUT … that price is for complex and beautiful designs.

We just want simple and ugly text designs, like this:

Would you pay $10 or $15 for an ugly design like this?

Hell, no!

Sure, we could do it ourselves using "Paint" or "MS Word" in a few seconds, right?

BUT, even when designers know what kind of designs we want, most of them still turn down our offer.


OK, let’s say you just got started. You need just 5 designs per day, or 150 designs per month.

You’re willing to pay $0.8 per design.

That’s $4 per day, or $120 per month.

Most graphic designers want to be paid more than that.

Just $4 per day…seriously?

They can find tons of better jobs on Upwork!

They know that it even if it takes them just few seconds to create a design for you, it’s still better to work with someone who gives them more work and higher pay.

And working with a bunch of different people is a headache, right?

People prefer to work with just few people and get paid fairly.

Especially for design work, customers are mostly annoying.

(When I say “customers” here, I don’t mean you and me. We just want simple text-based designs. We’re easy to work with, right?)

That’s why they don’t work with you (or me, when I was starting out).

Anyway, there’s still a way to get VERY CHEAP designs when you’re starting out.

My team is developing a gateway called "Go Grab Design" (or GGD) that will give you access to my graphic designers at a very cheap price.

Here’s how it works:

- Insert the quotes or phrases you want in your design to add them to the system.
- Wait 2-3 days for the designs.
- That’s it!

Simple, right?

GGD is your own personal graphic designer, one that works for you at any time!

I also make it much easier for you.

We all know that, to be successful in the LHS business, you need to create products for many niches.

ONE quote for MANY niches.

Like this:

Keep Calm, I’m a 911 Operator
Keep Calm, I’m an Accountant
Keep Calm, I’m an Engineer
Keep Calm, I’m a Nurse
Keep Calm, I’m a Teacher

You can do this using the "Quote Maker".

Just insert ONE quote in the GGD, select the master niche, and click "GENERATE".


All the quotes for different niches will be created for you.

500 professions.
250 dog breeds.
250 cat breeds.
And more…

Then click "SUBMIT".

My graphic design team will work for you. You will get your designs within 2-3 days, depending on the number of phrases you ordered.

You can use these designs on items such as coffee mugs, shot glasses. travel mugs, etc.

This will make your design costs much cheaper.

Consistency is the most important key to success in this LHS business. You need to list new products every single day.

GGD can handle all graphic design work for you.

BUT… here’s the bad news.

We can’t let all of you use GGD, because our resources are limited.

After all, all the designs are uniquely crafted by human designers, not by an automated program.

But the system is not ready yet. We plan to open it within a month.

If you’re interested, click the button below and add yourself to the waiting list.

​​​​NOTE: If you don’t receive your enrolment email within 15 minutes (be sure to check your spam folder), shoot me a message.

-Bank "The Ugly Designs Seller" K.


Note that this “gateway” might close at any time, because I have limited resources I can share with you. So be sure to add yourself to the waiting list.

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