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Dinner with Neverblue dudes & STM Bangkok Meetup Summary

Hello guys,

As you guys may know, the StackThatMoney Forum arranged a meetup in Bangkok last week. There were many awesome affiliates from all over the world who showed up. I had a chance to meet my affiliate managers the day before the event, Iris and Marvin, from Neverblue, which is one of the top global media companies. They invited my friends and me to have a dinner together at Whale’s Belly Restaurant & Bar. The food there was really delicious and the service was awesome as well.


They told me that Neverblue would arrange the event in Thailand in May. Also, they were going to invite one well-known super affiliate to be the main speaker. I was very excited to hear that ’cause I’ve read his blog for a long time and really like his attitude. Can’t wait to meet him!

On the meetup day, there were many affiliates at the event. I met many guys from Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Hong Kong, and so on. I was a bit surprised when random people came up to me and asked, “Are you Bank?” They knew me from this very blog. My blog doesn’t have tons of traffic, but a few people remembered my face. It’s really awesome. This motivates me to keep updating this blog!

There were many famous people at the event, such as Mr. Green, StackMan, bbrock32, etc. I can’t remember all the names, but all I know is that they were really cool. I was actually on StackThatMoney a long time ago. What I remember is that many members there were very helpful. I joined the PPV Mastermind group in this forum, and that was the beginning of my PPV Journey. My group helped me to learn a lot about PPV – and very fast. Some of the members in this group still chat with me on Skype. I think the Mastermind group is one of the important keys to success in this business.


OK, let back to the meetup. Here is what I learned from listening to these Internet rockstars.

You should focus on one thing at a time. We all know there are many ways to make money from the Internet. SEO, PPC, PPV, POF, Mobile, Media Buy, and so on – there are many luxurious traffic sources that we can use to make bucks. Anyway, we should select and become an expert on one thing at a time. Don’t do it all at once because you might become confused; you’ll be just like a duck that knows a little bit about how to fly and a little bit about how to swim but is not an expert of either. Mr. Green referred to the famous quote from Bruce Lee: “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Build your own team because we should not work all the time. Finally, what people need is time – not money. The recommended people to outsource to are from the Philippines. They are easy to talk to, fast learners, and have a high level of responsibility. You might need some time to train them when starting out, but it’s worth the time. After that, just let them train new staff you recruit.

Split Testing is very important. When you launch any campaign, you should split test everything. The different combinations of headlines, images, call to actions, and so on often give different results. You need to test and find which combination is the best. The page loading speed is also important. Decreasing the loading speed from 500ms to 100ms can significantly increase your ROI.

The mobile market is where you can get BIG money. This market keeps expanding every day, especially in China. There is not only the AppStore and the Google Play Store, but there are also many other application stores you can make money from. The value of mobile marketing in this country is going to reach $4.21 billion in 2016.

Chinese people usually install new games on their phone on the weekend. 30% of them will close the automatically update function. Also, they usually spend their time on their phone for 32 minutes each day during noon and the evening.

The interesting markets on mobile devices are Games, Content Products, Diet, BizOpp, Male Enhancement, Adult, and Gambling. If you are going to make money from this market, whether it is as an affiliate or mobile developer, you should start from these niches.

Whatever you have done, stay POSITIVE. Being optimistic is another key ingredient for success. Let’s assume that you launch your new campaign and it results in a loss on the first few days. This doesn’t mean you lost, but you should think about how you spend money for data. When you get your data, optimize it and you will be a success one day.

The processes to make money from paid traffic are losing the money, getting the data, optimizing, and making PROFIT. I can confirm these are the right and easiest steps to make money online.

Networking, Networking, Networking! It’s very important to talk and share ideas with many people. Whatever you do in the Internet marketing industry, it’s just one of many ways to make money online. There are many other methods you don’t know of yet. So keep updating new information with other people and continuously improve yourself.

Use affiliate marketing to fuel your dreams!

This is what I learned from the awesome guys at this event. It’s really useful and motivates me to keep going. Thank you to the StackThatMoney forum for arranging this nice event here!

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Bank has been working in the affiliate marketing industry since he was an undergrad in 2008. His favorite traffic source is PPV (Pay-Per-View). In 2013, he started sharing his journey on this blog AlcheBank.com and developed AffLanders.com to help people create PPV landing pages.

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Raweewan says March 19, 2014

Bank, your post is always awesome. I like your idea as well for outsourcing & VA. I’m still learning how to hire someone to do all boring tasks for me. Thanks 🙂

    Bank says March 19, 2014

    I’m glad you like it! Outsourcing is a way to freedom lol

Melvin says March 19, 2014

Awesome post. You summarize all the gist of it…..
Saw you but you were surrounded by so many friends.. Maybe in May I will see you again … 😉

    Bank says March 19, 2014

    Thanks Melvin. See you in May! 🙂

Desmond says March 19, 2014

Hello Ekkapon,

Does that PPV Mastermind still exist? Would like to join you guys.


    Bank says March 19, 2014

    Nope. My group is very quiet. I just personally talked to 2 friends of mine on Skype.

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