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Let’s make money while traveling in Hokkaido and Hong Kong!

Hello guys,

Long time no see! How are you man? Sorry that I haven’t had much time to update my blog in the previous month. I traveled to Hokkaido in early May and just arrived back from Hong Kong a few days ago. The weather in Hokkaido was awesome, but it wasn’t in Hong Kong – too hot! Anyway, it was still a good trip.

Hokkaido is such a lovely city to live in!

This is me in Ainu Village.

This is me in Ainu Village.

I was in Hokkaido for five days and immediately fell in love with this city. The weather there was awesome. I think it was around twenty degree Celsius! It was actually winter-time before that, but there was no snow during my visit. I went to Ainu village, Otaru canals, and Sapporo. Actually, there were many more places, but I can’t remember their names 😛

I really enjoyed taking photos of Otaru’s canal. It was one of the nicest canals I’ve ever seen, especially at night. Also, the Sapporo beer was amazing. Corona was only brand I loved to drink before I discovered Sapporo, although I’m not a major fan of beer. Japanese people are very nice and friendly as well. I noticed that everybody smiled when I entered their shop, even though I bought nothing. If you have time, this is a MUST-visit city!

Hong Kong is a good place to visit as well!

I just got back from Hong Kong few days ago, which was also a great city. I think people in this place never sleep. I landed in Macau in the morning and took a ferry to Hong Kong at night. I arrived around 11.00 PM, but many shops were still open!

I was in Repulse Bay.

I was in Repulse Bay.

Hong Kong is quite different to Japan. I love the weather, attractions and people in Hokkaido, but we usually go shopping in Hong Kong. The weather in Hong Kong was very hot when I visited and shopping is not what I really like. Anyway, there were many nice places I could take photos. I particularly enjoyed the symphony of lights at the avenue of the stars and the peak, and I brought the tripod with me to take photos there at night. If you love shopping, this is the right place for you. To be honest, I love Japan more than Hong Kong lol.

Thank you Internet Marketing!

During my holidays, I was still able to make a living while traveling. Whether I was walking, shopping, eating or taking photos, the system was still making money for me all the time. Although some offers expired during my journey, I just opened my iPad and swapped them to other offers easily. That’s the special thing you get when you do Internet marketing.

Start Building a Virtual Team for Mobile Games

When I arrived back from Hokkaido, I realized that if I want to make passive income, PPV or Teespring campaigns are not the real answer, because the offers can expire at any time. Also, because I can’t run the same Teespring campaigns all the time, it can disappear when I travel the world.

For this reason, before I went to the Hong Kong, I had a few days to think about other things that could generate money for me in the long term. I met my mentor and came up with creating mobile games. As you know, the mobile market keeps exploding every day, and there are many opportunities to make money from it. My mentor suggested that I build iOS games and monetize them using ads or in-app purchases. I just need to launch my games in the AppStore and then they will make money for me. 

The goal is to create an app that can generate $1-5 a day. If you have a hundred apps and know how to do ASO (App Search Optimization), you may be able to make $1,000 a day. There’s no need to worry about the offers expiring or the campaigns ending because you are the traffic owner. Just find a way to monetize your FREE traffic.

Anyway, I don’t have much time to make graphics for games or do mobile game research by myself. There are many things I have to do these days such as managing PPV campaigns, uploading Stock Photos, and Blogging. Also, I know I’m not a good graphic designer so I decided to build a virtual team to do this for me.

I’ll show you how I built my team in the next post. Stay tuned.

May Recap

Nothing much in May since I spent most of the time traveling. I found out that Hokkaido is one of the loveliest places to visit. If I have time I will definitely go there again in the winter. For the business stuff, my campaigns kept running and some have expired. In order to create another income stream, I began building my team to start my mobile app business.

June Plans

Since I have done little in May, I need to work harder in June. I plan to manage my team to be more effective and allow them to work without me. I set a goal to make $1,000 a day from mobile games within August, so I’ll try to get 15 apps launched in the AppStore in this month and expect them to make $5 a day for one app. If I can do ASO well and get some good luck, some apps might be able to make $30-40 a day. Anyway, there is still a long way to go. I’ll try to achieve my goal.

Also, I’ll keep scaling my PPV campaigns in order to make money for my VA’s. This is the biggest income stream I have so I still need to take care of it.

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Raweewan says June 4, 2014

Glad you’re back. I’m on my way building my team too. Keep going! 🙂

    Bank says June 4, 2014

    Let build the Avenger team!

Suho says June 6, 2014

Great posts! Why dont you post your monthly income reports anymore? Those where so motivating

    Bank says June 7, 2014

    Thanks for reading! I want to keep my income secret lol

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