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What do you really need in your life?

Sorry for not writing anything for a month – I have been very BUSY recently and just arrived back from holiday.

I spent my days off in my hometown, and the smell there took me way back in time. It’s interesting that the environment around my hometown hasn’t changed much since I left there. People are still friendly and smiles from them come easily. The price of living here hasn’t changed much either. It’s not expensive compared to what I spent in Bangkok. The children here enjoy playing soccer with their friends on the playground. I love the feeling of the fresh air here and the wind blowing through my hair.


When I was child, all I needed was my mom and dad, riding a bike with my bros, eating snacks, and getting some sleep. Each day I woke up and had breakfast. I asked for some bucks from my mom to buy sweets and rented books and videos. I enjoyed reading comics and watching anime at the end of the day. Some days, I went out and played soccer with my bros and dad. This was enough for me to be the happiest boy alive.

Anyway, when we grow up, it seems like we make our life more complicated. Instead of a bike, we need a car. Our home seems too small to get some sleep in, so we need a bigger and more beautiful one. Hanging out with friends appears to make us happier than having dinner with our family on a Friday night. It seems like money is also a part of happiness. Most of the time, we forgot what happiness truly is.

Various people we have met may influence us. We are all human. What other people have, we usually think we also need – even if it’s not. For example, we were happy enough with a general cellphone, but when we saw that our friends got a new iPhone, we would do everything to get one as well.

General coffee that we thought was delicious tastes poor when we know Starbucks. We used to enjoy having tea with our neighbors on a Sunday afternoon, but it seems boring when we know our friends go to the pub. Nothing is enough when we don’t really know what we want.

Back to five years ago, when I’d just started making money from Google AdSense, I thought I want to make only $100 a day. That was enough for me to get some food and pay my bills every month. Anyway, when I achieved it, I moved my goal to $1,000 a day. Even if I made $1,000 a day I’d still want more, even though making $100 a day is more than enough to live in Thailand. It’s an infinite loop.


After I spent time in the playground in my hometown, I talked to myself and asked why I needed to try so hard to achieve bigger and bigger goals. Yes, working hard is always good thing, but you should make some time to relax. I have been working very hard recently and sometimes been moody when my VA’s don’t deliver what I expect.

From time to time, I feel very tired and not happy with what I’m doing after I’ve worked for many long consecutive days. I need days off and a better work-life balance. Many people say that we may not be able to make money from an internet marketing business in the long term. Things can get difficult or income can even disappear for some day, so we need to work hard to get as much as we can today. I agree with this statement, but I think it’s not necessary to work so damn hard.

Because there are many things we need to do apart from making money, it’s important to get a good balance between work and life. There are many places in the world waiting for us to explore. Our mom and dad also want to spend time with us. Many poor and disabled people are still waiting for help. So with all this in mind, I still decided to go beyond my limits, but not as aggressively as before. We are not living in this world alone and were not born to work all the time.

Sometimes you need to take a break and spend time with yourself to discover what you really need in your life.

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Bank has been working in the affiliate marketing industry since he was an undergrad in 2008. His favorite traffic source is PPV (Pay-Per-View). In 2013, he started sharing his journey on this blog AlcheBank.com and developed AffLanders.com to help people create PPV landing pages.

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Raweewan says August 14, 2014

Hi Bank
It’s good that I see your blog post again. It’s been quite a long time from your last post. Since last 2 year, I have thought the same thing, just like you. So I was changing. I have been doing the long-term online business instead of short-term. My life is completely changed. I have more time to grow my business while all current projects are still making money for me with autopilot. I have time for myself to do something I want and spend time with my family. 🙂

    Bank says August 14, 2014

    Hahaha very busy lately. I worked my ass off last few weeks. Glad to see your comment here again as well 🙂

Susan Greenwood Lindsay says September 7, 2014

Bank: I wondered on to your blog site after buying a T shirt from a thrift store for my son with a neverblue trade mark on it. I have now spent nearly an hour on your site and gained insight into what you do. But the August 14, 2014 post allowed me the access to “who” you are and the wisdom you have learned about this thing we call life. I am happy that life is becoming for you more about time well spent than money and the balance of having both.

I am a 68 year old artist living in the state of Colorado, USA. Thanks for your tips and the education. My art portfolio is on Redbubble and Fine Art America if you have the time to look. You have motivated me to expand my horizons. Life in all it’ s wonder is still a process. Thank God I am still here to proceed.
Susan Greenwood Lindsay

    Bank says September 8, 2014

    Thanks for visiting Susan. Your comment really worth to me 🙂

Kai says November 25, 2014

Hey Bank,

I only just discovered your blog and I am enjoying it so far! Loved your photos of Japan. I’m actually moving there next year.

I totally agree with everything you said in this post. Sometimes I feel burned out and wonder why I’m doing this to myself. Of course, you answered that too – because this game is often unpredictable I feel that I need to keep pushing until the day it all crumbles.

I agree it’s important to spend time with family and enjoy life, otherwise what’s the point of doing this? The problem is getting the balance right which isn’t easy if you want to stay in the game.

I think as humans we have a never ending need to seek pleasure and new entertainment. The shiny object syndrome probably brings people just as much unhapiness as happiness. Because there’s always someone who has something better than you. For me, I enjoy nice things for sure, but I try to remind myself there are more important things in life than a new phone, car or whatever.

It’s good to hear that not all super affiliates are ballers, who spend all their money on flashy cars, hookers and partying.

Keep hustling while enjoying life!

    Bank says November 25, 2014

    I really like your comment. My grandma was sick and had been in the hospital for two months. I went to hospital everyday to take care of her. At that time, I discovered that what we truly want in our life was just ready since we was born, the family. Other things are not the real happiness.

    Thanks man!

      Kai says November 26, 2014

      That’s sad to hear man. I hope she has recovered, if not, I wish her a quick recovery.

      My grandma had a stroke a few years ago and it really affected the whole family. I didn’t realise how much she really meant to me until then because it hasn’t been the same since. One person can really change the lives of others for the better. I think we all have the power to be that person.

      I think we all take our friends and family for granted sometimes. So it’s definitely important to spend quality time with them and show we that we care.

      Peace dude.

        Bank says November 26, 2014

        No worries man. She gets better now 🙂

        Thank you very much.

          Kai says November 26, 2014

          That’s good to hear! 🙂

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