Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle in Taipei & Life Update –
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Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle in Taipei & Life Update

Hey guys! I’m sorry that I didn’t post anything last week because I traveled to Taipei and didn’t take my computer. It’s really good to take days off and leave all your work at home sometimes.

This time, I hesitated whether to take my MacBook Pro with me to Taipei or not because there were many things I still needed to do. As we all know, affiliate marketing is like a roller coaster ride and it was unfortunate that my campaigns didn’t perform well two days before I had to take the plane.

There are many things to do when your offers stop firing. You can check out my previous post here: Five Things to Do When Your Offer Stops Firing.

What I decided to do was nothing, because there was another project I had to get it done before taking off too. Also, I decided not to take my MacBook with me as well because I wanted to be fully recharged in Taipei. I didn’t think I could concentrate on my work 100% during my holiday, so I left all the work at home and went to the airport.

Taipei Review

I mainly booked a flight to Taipei just to visit my friends who I met while studying in the UK. They are my close friends but we haven’t met since we graduated. So, I planned nothing for this trip.

Taipei is a great city to take days off in because the cost of living is not that expensive. In fact, it’s really the same as in Bangkok. The weather when I was there was pretty good even though it was raining all day, but it was just a drizzle, not heavy. Also, the people here were really good. They are very friendly and we could communicate with English and using some gestures.

These are some photos I took in Taipei.






















Personally, I think it’s pretty much the same as in Japan. Although I prefer sushi, wonton soup here is really delicious as well. My friends took me to Pingxi and Jiufen, which were local markets with beautiful scenery.

I thought these were the only shopping places in Taipei. I really love these two places. You can find many local foods here at a very low price, and they taste great. The souvenirs here were awesome too. Their postcards were made from wood, and are very creative in my opinion.

It was a very good decision not to bring the MacBook here and leave work behind at home. I was 100% fully recharged when I was here. My friends and I talked about life after graduating but rarely about business. I felt like I was young again.

I Need To Step My Game Up

My affiliate campaigns were up and down as usual when I traveled. Anyway, overall it looks okay. I know many people in other businesses (but still related to internet marketing) can travel without worrying about whether their offers stop firing or not. More than that, most of their earnings were generated passively.

If you follow my Twitter, you will find that I tweet about my mentor who makes lots of bucks passively and I felt what I have done is just a kid’s homework.

I was satisfied with what I did, but when I see what other people are doing I change my mind. Yes, I know that if our earnings can cover our living expense, it’s not necessary to follow others. However, I just thought I was too lazy in the past. My PPV campaigns can generate lots of money for me, but as you know, your affiliate earnings can decrease to zero overnight.

I think I need to change something to get a different result.

Meet Friends From StackThatMoney Forum


Last month, I met my friends from STM too. We had lunch together and shared many things we did in regards to internet marketing. It’s always good to have connections with many people, especially those who are in your business.

We talked a lot about what we are doing. I won’t reveal the conversation here because it should be kept secret, but what I can tell you is that they are very diligent and smart guys and they focus on the long-term things. We are all almost the same age. Yes, we’re young entrepreneurs, lol.

Talking to these guys made me feel like I need to work harder and change something in the business process. It makes me feel like the first time I joined the PPV Mastermind in the StackThatMoney Forum. At that time, I was just a PPV newbie, but as people in the mastermind taught me many things I was able to learn PPV very quickly. Without them, it might have taken a long time for me to make a profit.

After having lunch with them, I think I need to go back and step my game up as well. I really recommend that you join StackThatMoney and find good business partners right now. You will get many things from this forum. Not only knowledge, but good relationships too.

I think it’s very important to have friends in both your business and your life. Some people say to go and have a dinner with successful people. I agree with this statement because we can learn and share something with them. Anyway, I think we should also keep good relationships with the friends you made in the high school or university too. When we talk about the old times we had together, it’s a great feeling.

Sorry that this post doesn’t contain much about internet marketing stuff – I just logged my life over the past few weeks lol.

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