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Start Making Money Selling Photos and Videos!

Hello guys,

Time flies by fast! February has just passed and we’re now in the third month of the year. If you haven’t managed to get anything done yet this year, this month is good for starting something new.

As I wrote in my post about passive income, ‘Let’s move to passive ways’, I keep looking for new income streams with which I don’t need to work everyday but the money comes to my pocket all the time.

How do I know photos can make money?


Last week, I had a chance to attend a seminar about making money with micro stock photos in Thailand. The speakers had been selling photos and videos for over three years. I was surprised that they could make more than $6,000 every month just from selling stock photos. Moreover, it is passive income they get every month without adding new photos.

However, it’s not as easy as you think. The speakers had been working in this market for a long time before reaching $6,000 a month. First of all, you need to take an exam before selling the photos. This step is quite difficult if you’re just an amateur photographer. They need photos that have good composition, light, concept, etc. Yes, these are also required after you get approved. Additionally, every photo needs be high quality.

The speakers who taught me said their occupation was ‘traveler’. They quit their jobs because it didn’t allow them to have long vacations to go traveling and take photos. They usually travel at least once a month and sell photos of places they visit. It really sounds fun and like a dream job, right? Travel the world, take photos, and make money!

How can I get started from scratch?


As I’m a complete newbie in this area, I need to study hard to understand how to take a good photo. I decided to purchase the Fuji XA-1, which is a mirrorless camera. Because I wasn’t sure whether I loved taking photos or not, I didn’t want to start with a big investment. A $500 camera is the perfect starting weapon for me. Also, I purchased a book about the mirrorless camera as well in order to understand the functions and features. Digging through camera community websites is a good idea as well. There are many good photographers ready to give you knowledge and tips.

Personally, I believe that nothing is too difficult if we focus on it and learn it enough. Someone said that if we study anything for more than 40 hours, you could be an expert on it. It’s the same as taking a photo – I think this market won’t be too difficult to enter if I try enough. I see a big opportunity in this market and have confidence that I can create a new income stream from here.

I’ll keep you updated about my new journey. For now though, let’s take photos!

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