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Why I decided to do network marketing

If you subscribe to my blog, you should have received the email about ‘Project Passive Wealth’ I sent last week. If you haven’t got or read it yet, it’s basically about a project that will help you use your internet marketing skills to make passive income from network marketing.

Why I decided to start network marketing

Before I explain the project, let me tell you briefly about why I feel this business offers lots of opportunities.

As I wrote in the previous post, the affiliate market is getting difficult. It’s harder to make money from the same campaigns. Although we can sometimes generate lots of bucks from affiliate offers, ultimately they’ll be removed by the advertisers. I’ve run a thousand affiliate campaigns and made good money. But I’m always disappointed when my winning offers start to underperform. That’s why I constantly seek out new opportunities to generate passive income.

I reached a new high with Teespring few days ago, but I still want to earn more passive income.

I reached a new high with Teespring few days ago, but I still want to earn more passive income.

Now, I was one of those people who hated multi-level marketing (MLM). That’s because an old friend called me one day and invited me to have lunch with him. I thought he wanted to meet because we hadn’t seen each other in ages. Anyway, when we met, he started describing his ‘new business’, MLM, and he wanted me to join him. I was disappointed, because I didn’t expect he would try to sell me anything. As friends who hadn’t met for a long time, we should have been talking about our past, not about selling. That was the day I began to hate this business.

Anyway, I (re)discovered Project Passive Wealth last month. I’d heard about it when I attended the “Internet to Income” seminar by Patric Chan last January, but I wasn’t interested in it at that time. (Yes, because it’s MLM.)

Recently, my mentor in Thailand got good results using this system, so I took time to study what exactly MLM and Project Passive Wealth are all about.

I found that MLM is just one marketing method we can use to sell products. The main reason that most people don’t like MLM is because some of the old MLMers recruit new people to the business in the wrong way, like my old friend did (or tried to).

This marketing method has been endorsed by Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. That’s why I’m interested in this business. These guys have been my role models for a long time.

Anyway, if I have to convince my friends to do this business, I still won’t like it. I hate talking with strangers, too.

Project Passive Wealth was launched to overcome this problem.

What’s Project Passive Wealth?


I launched Project Passive Wealth to help ‘internet marketers’ do network marketing. The system was developed by Patric Chan, who is one of the best vendors on Clickbank and one of the best list marketers I know. He used his internet marketing experience to develop this system, which helps people use internet marketing skills to find others who are interested in network marketing and encourage them to join their business.

I like this system because you don’t need to invite friends or strangers to have dinner and convince them to join you. You can recruit people without even talking to them. Right away, the first problem we have with MLM is overcome.

How it works

Most readers of my blog are affiliate marketers, so you guys are familiar with the way we promote affiliate offers on CPA networks.

Traffic => Landing Page => Offer => $$$

This is what we usually do, right? Well, it’s the same way in the Passive Wealth system.

Traffic => Sales letter => Jeunesse => $$$

Actually, it’s more complicated than that, but Patric has already prepared everything for us. There are many more elements in the system – such as the squeeze page, followup messages, the sales funnel, preview seminar, and the online training for the people you recruit. The main thing to do is to find leads that go into the funnel.

It’s just like the CPA offers, right? Just send leads.

The difference is that your payments will be RECURRING.

This contrasts with the ‘conventional method’ of MLM, in which people invite other people who are NOT interested in network marketing. If you convince people who hate MLM, they’ll hate you, right?

With the strength of internet marketing and the Passive Wealth system, you can persuade many people who are ‘interested’ in network marketing to join you. You don’t even have to step out of your home to recruit new people. Not bad, right?

This system promotes the Jeunesse Global eCommerce, which has been a legit and well-known company since 2009. One of its most famous products is Instant Ageless. Many videos on YouTube show the results you can get from this product.

Does this system really work? It sounds too easy!

I couldn’t believe that simply finding leads would work, until I started to implement the method seriously. Most of us are good at sending leads to our advertisers and getting paid, but we are rarely concerned about how the advertisers use those leads to generate profit. If they can’t make a profit, they won’t hire us to do it for them, right?

In less than a month, I’ve made almost $1,000 in passive income. That’s the power of network marketing and internet marketing.


Although it’s not much money, I do little except set the campaigns in my Facebook ads. I can recruit 12 people from three countries to join my team and reach the Pearl rank within a month, which takes most people months to do. My mentor in Thailand took two months to become a Sapphire, which most people take a year or more to attain.

Do you see the power of internet marketing? It completely changes the way we did network marketing in the old days.

Some of you might still be unsure how to make this work – but don’t worry if you have no idea what network marketing or internet marketing is about. Patric has created a 6-week coaching program worth $1,197 – but for those who are qualified, it’ll be FREE (but only for the first 100 students).

Few days ago, I attended a Sapphire Night party, an event organized by Jeunesse Global. The people who attend this event must have reached Sapphire rank, but I was invited by my mentor and Billy Teoh, the Double – Diamond director.

This is the photo of me, my mentor, and Billy. (Sorry, I can’t remember the name of the guy on the right.)


Once you’ve joined the Passive Wealth coaching program, you’ll meet him. We only talk about him in our private group.

So, what if you want to join? Just click here to apply for the 6-week coaching program.

In conclusion

I think this is a good way to earn passive income on the internet. The Passive Wealth system is just one affiliate offer that can generate recurring income. But it’s not ‘push button’ magic. It’s just like other affiliate offers. You still have to work hard to learn how to make it work. The difference is that this offer will bring you real passive income, which is the main reason why I’m interested in this business.

See you inside,

P.S. While others are charging for their coaching program, Patric is making it available for free to those who are qualified. Don’t miss out this rare opportunity to be trained by one of the foremost authorities in internet marketing.

Click here to secure your spot now…

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