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Sleep Hacking: Wake Up Insanely Early Challenge

Hey man,

After reading many posts from Charles Ngo about his 30-day challenge and following AsianEfficiency, I’m interested in productivity hacks. From today, I’m starting the new habit challenge. The first one is to wake up insanely early at 4:30am for 30 days.


Why I Want to Become an Early Riser

Well, recently I found out that after I came back from Japan, I was able to easily get work done before lunch. I’m not usually a person who wakes up early, but Japan is 2 hours ahead of Thailand. I still had jet lag so I woke up in Japan time. Anyway, when this jet lag disappeared, I was back to waking up late at 10:00am. And although I woke up late, I still got tired and took a long nap in the afternoon. As a result, I only got a few things done each day.

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”
-Benjamin Franklin

For everything we would like to get done we should have reasons. Here are the three main reasons I’d like to wake up early.

1. To Be More Productivity

I want to wake up early again because it’s very quiet in the morning. Most people are sleeping or on their way to work. There are only a few things on my Facebook feed during the early morning. Also, not many people send me messages on Facebook, Email or Skype. It’s almost 100% distraction-free in the morning. I can get things done easily in a short amount of time.

Furthermore, there are many projects I plan to do but haven’t started on yet. I’d like to start them as soon as I can. Currently, I’m busy with just PPV campaigns and mobile apps. I think I need to start learning more new things because I’ve been working on PPV and mobile for a while. Although I’m familiar with them, I still waste my time playing on Facebook or chatting with my friends while I’m working on them. They can be done in a short space of time if I stay focused.

2. To Be Free In The Afternoon

I’ve discovered that the afternoon is the period when I have very low productivity. Because people are completely awake and constantly posting their statuses and photos on their walls, it’s difficult to try not to check them out. Also, I usually take a long nap (2 hours) in the afternoon because, as you know, after we have lunch, our eyes automatically close lol.

This habit needs to be changed as well. If I feel tired, I’ll try to take a short nap and do other things such as reading, blogging or watching movies, because if I take a long sleep in the afternoon it’s difficult for me to go to bed early. Beside, getting out of my comfort zone can help. I’ll go to the coffee shop with my MacBook and work there. I don’t know why but I always get things done in the coffee shop.

3. To Go To The Gym More Often

Well, I have been a member of a fitness club for almost a year but I rarely go there. I think I go to the gym less than 10 times a month. It doesn’t make my health better. As I wake up very late and finish my tasks in the evening, I feel too lazy to drive to the gym. Many people go there in the evening. I don’t like crowds and don’t want to waste my time looking for a space in the parking lot.

Anyway, I want to go there more often because I believe that the strength of our body is also an important part of productivity. Furthermore, as I like eating, I should work out every day to prevent getting fat or any other diseases. This is also one of the reasons for becoming an early riser.

The Game Plan

This is the schedule I’ve planned. I’m not sure whether it is possible, but I gotta try.

4:30 – Wake up, Brush my teeth, drink water, and stretch the body
5:00 – Start working (1st round)
7:00 – Have a breakfast
7:30 – Back to work (2nd round)
9:30 – Take a bath
10:00 – Go to the Gym
12:00 – Have a lunch
13:00 – Free time
18:30 – Have a dinner
19:30 – Free time
20:00 – Take a bath
20:30 – Free time
21:00 – Write a to-do-list for tomorrow
21:30 – Go to bed

For the ‘Free time’, I define it as an hour for doing anything such as reading, blogging, traveling, or even sleeping. These hours are flexible. I think working 4 hours in the morning is enough to get the main tasks done. If I’d like to do other things, I’ll do then in the free time period. I got this idea from Google. Their employees have “20% time” or one day free every week to work on a side project they would like to do…although mine is more than 20% lol

Umm…it looks good, doesn’t it? I think I might not be able to accomplish this on the first day but I will try.

One more thing – I plan to do this only on weekdays because there are soccer matches on weekends. I want to watch my team play. It’s important to balance work and life, right? Anyway, I’ll try to wake up no later than 9am on the weekends.

To sum up

As I want to be more productive, I’ll start by waking up early and getting things done before lunch. This will start on the 15th of October and end on the 25th of November (30 weekdays). What happens in these 30 days and how I feel will be on the blog after this period. Also, if I can do it and get better results, I’ll keep doing it. Hopefully I can accomplish this challenge!

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Sunny says October 14, 2014

Sounds great, but I’ll try for 0600 as a wake up time, if things work out I’ll move to earlier times, as needed. Thanks for the tip!

    Bank says October 14, 2014

    You’re welcome man. Today I got up at 4.30am. Feel like a zombie now lol

Raweewan M says October 15, 2014

Hey Bank
I can’t do it. Hahaha. But I’ll try to be an early person too. It’s totally great idea.

    Bank says October 15, 2014

    I think I can do it. It gives many benefit. Today, my grandmother had to go to the hospital. I had stayed there from 9:30am to 6:00pm. Luckily, all works were done before that 🙂

suho says October 17, 2014

how is this going?

    Bank says October 17, 2014

    So far so good man. I can get more work done and faster in the morning! 🙂

Joseph Latham says December 13, 2014

This is something I need to work on. My buddy does Cpa marketing and has had 100k months. He keeps telling me to wake up at 530 AM every day to get grinding.

    Bank says December 13, 2014

    Oops….I already forgot this post. I’ll update this challenge in the next post.

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