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As I’ve been an online marketer for a while, I found that there are many resources I always use. Here are my favorite tools and services I can’t live without. Many of these resources I use on everyday basis. Be sure to check them all out.

Private Affiliate Marketing Forums

The best private internet marketing forum in the world. There are many experts here ready to answer your questions. You can also make good friends here too. When I started learning PPV, I joined the PPV mastermind here and that helped me understand PPV very quickly. There are many good case studies and success stories from various people inside as well. If you seriously want to make money from affiliate marketing, this forum is the MOST RECOMMENDED.

Another awesome private forum. I have been in both StackThatMoney and AffPlayBook for a long time and I think both of them are really good. The differences I see is that most people in APB will talk more about PPV and TeeSpring, while STM will focus on the mobile affiliate, Facebook, and adult traffic. The reason I joined these two forums is because I wanted to learn the updated trends of affiliate marketing and make friends. You can use the coupon “9D7CE918” to get a discount for the APB forum.

Where I make money

Mobooka is the most awesome network I’ve ever worked with. My affiliate manager helps me find good offers all the time. When a good offer expires, he will give me a new one which also works great. If you want to make money from CPA offers, this is a great place to do so.

Convert2Media has been a top and well-known CPA network for a long time. I think it’s the brother company of Mobooka. The offers from these two networks are very similar. My affiliate manager here is really good too. He sends me a list of top-performing offers every week.

If you are a newbie and have never worked with any network, PeerFly is the place where you can start. Luke PeerFly is one of the most well-known affiliate managers in the world. He’s a friend of mine. I know him well, and he’s a very good person to work with.

W4 is one of the top CPA networks I’ve been working with. There are many interesting offers here and most of them allow you to send PPV traffic to them. The Affiliate Manager is very friendly and gets your requested offer approved very fast. You can also expect on time and reliable payment here. The downside is that this network is quite difficult to join if you have no experience or no referral.

A4D is another CPA Network I’ve been doing. There are many offers here that W4 doesn’t have. I don’t send traffic to this network as much as I’ve sent to W4 because most of my profitable offers are stable in W4 and I don’t want to move them here. I’ll rotate some traffic here when there is a problem with my current offer. Anyway, it’s also another reliable and good network to work with.

Many of you may know AdMob as a mobile traffic network but I’ve never bought traffic from here. I sell traffic to AdMob actually. Creating mobile applications and selling mobile traffic is another income stream of mine. Since I get bored with paid traffic, I’m looking for where I can sell traffic and get a passive income. AdMob is a traffic network run by Google so you have no worries about your commission.

RevMob is another mobile traffic network I’m selling traffic to. It’s good for game applications. Personally, I think it’s easier to install than AdMob. My income from mobile applications is also from here.

Chartboost is the same as AdMob and RevMob but it focuses solely on games. You can promote games created by other developers and get money from advertising. Also, it provides a function for you to promote your game network here. The user interface is more complex than RevMob, but there are also more features here.


Hosting is very important for Internet marketing, especially for people who are working with paid traffic. I’ve been using VPS from Beyond Hosting for over 2 years with no problems. They provide great customer service. I don’t need to install tracking software or migrate a database by myself – just ask and they will do everything for you. You can use “PPVKILLER” as a coupon code in order to get a 50% discount.

Hostgator is another hosting service I’ve been using since I started doing Internet marketing. I’m not sure about the performance of their VPS, as I’ve purchased only shared hosting from here. It’s good for a website with low to medium traffic volume. It’s not good for installing tracking software and driving PPV traffic here because the traffic volume is too high and only shared hosting cannot handle it.

 Traffic Sources

TrafficVance has been the top PPV traffic network for a long time. The quality of the traffic here is really good even though the volume might not be as high as LeadImpact. The minimum deposit is $1,000. They required a referral in the past, but now you can apply easier than before. Once you apply, you’ll get an account for US traffic only. If you want international traffic, you’ll have to ask your sale representative to create another account for you.

As you know that my main income is from PPV, my main traffic source is LeadImpact. It’s currently considered one of the top PPV networks. The minimum deposit for the first time is $1,000. Although it seems high, it’s worth the money. You can get traffic from as low as $0.015 a visitor. Also, it’s the best PPV traffic network, which serves high quality international traffic.

50onRed is another PPV traffic source. The minimum deposit is just $500, which is cheaper than LeadImpact. The user interface is much easier to use than LeadImpact. The traffic quality from here is pretty good, but, from my statistics, it’s lower than LeadImpact. Anyway, if you’re a newbie and don’t have a big budget, here is a good place to start.

PPV Tools

This is my main tool that I always use when I create a new campaign. This tool helps you extract PPV targets into many variations. If you have no idea about variations, you can read my post here: ‘Double Profit for Your PPV Campaign with Keyword Variations!’ Most of my profitable targets are keyword variations, so be sure to use this tool before adding targets to your campaign in LeadImpact.

Preview Popper is another PPV tool developed by me. I created it because the PPV traffic networks tell us only the size of the popup window but they don’t provide a tool to see how it looks in a real situation. Also, the size is not exactly consistent with what they say. We need to subtract the size with the area of a toolbar of visitors. You can use it to see how your offer or a landing page looks in the popup window.

AffLanders is another service you can use to create a PPV landing page easily. I developed it because I don’t want to write the same code every time I create a landing page. There are many templates that are commonly used for PPV landing page. You can just edit the image, text, and then export your PPV landing page. Nevertheless, this tool is not free. You can check the price here.

This is a PPV target scraper developed by Luke Kling, who is the affiliate manager at PeerFly. I have been using it for a while and have found that it’s really awesome. You can get a list of related targets in just few minutes. I’ve already written a review for this tool. You can read it here.

BoxOfAds is the best PPV spy tool on earth. I think this is the tool that I use the most. You can see which offer you should promote. It also provides you with the targets and landing pages of your competitors. You can use this data to start a new campaign easily.


If you’re an international affiliate, a proxy or VPN (Virtual Private Server) is a must-have service you need to subscribe to in order to see an offer’s landing page. Even if you’re located in the US, if some offers are not for the US, you still need to use this service. HideMyAss is currently one of the top VPN services on the net. They have a tool for newbies or non-tech people to setup and use VPN easily. I’ve used it for a long time with no problems.

Email Marketing Software & Autoresponder

If you’re going to build a list, email-marketing software is a must. Aweber is my favorite tool to keep my list and create newsletters and an autoresponder. You can broadcast a message to your list in just a few clicks. Also, creating follow-up messages and setting a time to send them out automatically can be done with Aweber.

GetResponse is another email marketing tool I use. The number of features is less than Aweber. I use this service because Aweber has some problems with the Thai language but GetResponse doesn’t. Anyway, GetResponse also comes included with many other services that provide autoresponder integration.

Outsources & Marketplaces

If you’re looking for freelancers to work on your serious project, oDesk is a group of talents who can get your job done. There are other freelancing services such as and but I rarely use them. Three of them are good but I’m a bit too lazy to post my job on many places. I usually use Freelancer and Elance when I can’t find the right person to do my job.

ThemeForest is the place I usually buy themes from. I usually purchase WordPress themes or website templates from this website. I’d say that all of the themes are created by professional designers. If you’re looking for a high quality website template, this is the right place for you.

This is another marketplace I buy things from. It’s not a marketplace for website templates, but it sells many mobile application templates. As you may know, I’m working in the mobile market as a mobile developer. This place is very useful for me because I don’t need to write any code. Just buy the application template you like and you will get a full source code. What you need to do is just make a new game from it – no need to start from scratch.