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Lesson Learned: $3,268 lost from outsourcing

Hey my amigo, As I told you in the previous post I’m about to reveal how I lost $3,268 from outsourcing and got almost nothing back. What did I do? There are many projects where I’ve created the system and hired experts to do jobs for me. One of these were creating vector icon sets […]

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Building Your Team and have some coffee!

Hey hey hey! Last week I wrote about my app development team and promised you guys that I’d explain how to build and manage your team in more detail. Before that, I need to tell you that what I’m going to write is what I did and learnt from doing. It’s about a mobile app […]

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Three common outsourcing mistakes entrepreneurs make

Hey everybody! I’ve now been living like a full-time online entrepreneur for about a year, ever since I graduated. I understand that’s why my parents keep telling me that childhood is always better than growing up. Although I’ve been working in the Internet marketing industry for about six years, being a part-time Internet entrepreneur in […]

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