Discover how I made $3,893 within a week with Teespring! –
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Discover how I made $3,893 within a week with Teespring!

Hello guys,

We’re now in the fifth month of the year! How are your new year’s resolutions going so far? Have you achieved any goals? I have done many things including a goal I didn’t set in the first month of this year.

Last week, I made $3,893 with Teespring. I think most of you already know what it is, right? It has been quite popular in the Internet marketing industry for a while now. If some of you have no idea what it is about, let me briefly explain it to you guys.

What is Teespring?



Teespring is a website where you can create and sell your own t-shirts. You simply have to design what you are going to put on your t-shirt, set the price and how many minimum t-shirts you want to sell, and then launch the campaign. Other things such as producing t-shirts, printing a screen, and shipping t-shirts to buyers will all be handled by Teespring. It’s very easy, right? Just make the design, promote it, and earn the money!

So how can I make money from it?

That’s not difficult. You just promote your t-shirts, encourage people to buy them, and when you campaign reaches the minimum goal you will get around 50% (or more) of the t-shirt revenues from Teespring. Fair enough? You just come up with a t-shirt idea and promote it. There’s no need to be concerned with how to produce, print, or deliver the t-shirt.


This is what I’ve done within less than a week from Teespring

The result I’ve shown you is from the first time I learned Teespring and tried to focus on it. Facebook ads is a traffic source I sent to my Teespring campaigns. I had never tried Facebook ads before but it’s not too difficult to learn. The user interface in the main control panel is quite friendly, but the Power Editor made me confused at first. (If you have no idea what the Power Editor is, try it here


The Power Editor helps you create posts, campaigns or ads much faster than the one in the main control panel. Also, you can set your ads to be shown on the Facebook page or not. This can protect your ads from spies. If you have never tried this, I recommend you learn it. It might be difficult and confusing at first, but once you know how to use it, you will save plenty of time.

Send traffic from Facebook to Teespring

OK, let’s go back to Teespring. After you create a Teespring campaign, the next thing to do is promote it to many people. I use Facebook ads as my main traffic source. 

Why Facebook? To be honest, I just follow people in this industry. They use Facebook and so do I lol.

I think it’s because a specific design of t-shirt needs to be served to a specific audience based on their interests. Facebook is the right traffic source to get this done because it contains a huge amount of people’s information.

Anyway, I don’t use the audience options that Facebook provides much because I think they’re not targeted enough. Let’s look at the picture below.


You can see that we can target people using location, age, gender, language, interest and behavior. Facebook possesses lots of information about their users but we can’t target where people are from, where they graduated, where they checked in, or where they have got married directly in the Facebook ads. Anyway, we can use Facebook graph search to narrow the target people we are looking for using Graph Search. We can find people based on any condition in the graph search like this.

If you want to find people who graduated from Harvard University, you can simply enter the condition like this.


Is your t-shirt related to Liverpool? They are close to winning the Premiership this season, right? But targeting people who are interested in Liverpool may not be narrow enough. If you target people who checked in at Anfield (Liverpool FC’s stadium), this may perform better.


After you enter the condition in the graph search, you will see many people who match your specification. What we will do next is collect the User ID of these people and create a custom audience. You can create a custom audience in the Ads Manager.

custom audience 1

Then, add it in the audience section in your ads campaign.

custom audience

There’s no need to add interests, behavior, etc. Just use the custom audience you collect. This is the most narrow target possible and those most likely to purchase your product.


If you manually collect the UserID, it will obviously take lots of time, right? Luckily, there are two famous tools you can use to collect the targets automatically.

(The above text contains my affiliate links, so if you purchase one of these products (or two), you can ask me more about how to use these tools and also consult me about Teespring.)


A screenshot from Facesniper

Facesniper helps you extract the audience information from any pages easily. Just simply enter the name of the Facebook page you want information from and click on the ‘Extract audience’ button. From the image above, I’d like to promote a t-shirt about Liverpool so I just find the pages that Liverpool fans like.

It also shows you how active the users are in this page as well. You can ensure that the User IDs you collect from Facesniper are likely to be active and passionate users. 


The graph search extension from Facesniper

What is more, it also provides us with a graph search function. Just enter the condition you want and the Facesniper will handle all things for you. When it finishes collecting, you can download people’s information including User ID, First name, Last name, Username, and Email.

Next, let’s see how FBLeadjacker is.


The screenshot of FBLeadjacker

FBLeadjacker is just a Chrome extension. You can install it easily and just open it when you want to scrape people’s information from Graph Search. It also provides ‘Post Mining’ which enables you to collect User IDs from specific posts or pages. Furthermore, if you want to collect information from people who live in the USA, you can select any state you want in the ‘Add State Batches’ function too. Using this tool is very simple.

Anyway, I personally prefer FBLeadjacker because I found this tool before Facesniper and am quite lazy with regards to learning new tools. I do have an account there, but don’t use it as much. I think the user interface of Facesniper looks friendlier and easier to use but, as said, I found it afterwards. 

Many of my friends use Facesniper and they make money as well. The tool doesn’t really matter, as they can both make money for you. Just select one and… make money!

Let the campaigns run

After you set-up the ads campaign, you then have to track to determine whether your t-shirt makes money for you or not.

I usually set the minimum budget for a t-shirt campaign at $20. If there is a sale I’ll continue, otherwise, I’ll delete it and start over with new ones. The reason I set $20 as a minimum budget is that the money I get when 1 t-shirt is sold is about $10 (My t-shirt is $20+).

When there is a sale, I’ll increase the budget for my Facebook ads campaign from $20 to $100 in order to reach more people. If it still makes money for me, I’ll keep increasing the budget to $150, $200, and $300. I notice that when the goal is reached, people will make an order easier. Also, if the expiry date is approaching, the number of sales will increase faster.

Anyway, many campaigns are good in the first few days but then they don’t perform well until the end. I’ve found many campaigns to be like this. Mine made $200 profit in the first two days but then the profit kept decreasing to less than $50 in the last day. This comes from what we call ‘Ad Blindness’. The more people see your ads, the more they ignore them. This makes your cost per engagement increase. You need to notice this to prevent your ROI decreasing.

Final Thoughts

Not every campaign makes a profit for me. Out of 10, I usually have 4-5 campaigns that are profitable. I cut my losses very fast when I see my t-shirt is not likely to be sold. Try to test many different ads to see your CTR and conversion rate. Don’t give up if you run only 2-3 campaigns. Everything needs time to learn and be a success. Good luck to you all 🙂

About the Author Bank

Bank has been working in the affiliate marketing industry since he was an undergrad in 2008. His favorite traffic source is PPV (Pay-Per-View). In 2013, he started sharing his journey on this blog and developed to help people create PPV landing pages.

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Raweewan M says May 11, 2014

Your post is inspired me so much to try this thing. Thanks you for great contribution. 🙂

    Bank says May 13, 2014

    you’re welcome! 🙂

Suho says May 13, 2014

Just started with my first campaign. Sold the first day 5 shirts, spend 3 USD. Target audience was like 5k.

What would you do? Increase ad budget to 20 usd a day? Can you email me or notify me when there is a comment?

    Bank says May 13, 2014

    That’s awesome! Insane ROI but the number of target audience is too small. I think you may need to add more. Mine is about 100k for one campaign. Increase ad budget could help too.

      Suho says May 14, 2014

      20/10 sold, $182.98 earned and 38 usd invested. Sick Roi.
      The ad frequency is worrying me, at the moment it is 1.33. I did increased the ad budget yesterday to 25/ day. When do you know when it is time to kill your ad campaign?

      Another question:
      When i created my ad, i didnt set it to count the cliks but the page engagement. Does this matter? Is my click price now higer because of this?

Webmarketeurs français says May 26, 2014

Thank you for your post , however facebook doesn’t tolerate any id based campaign.

Nguyen says July 31, 2014

What is the ideal audience size for the Teespring campaign? I have heard different opinions, some say around 1M, some say just a few thousands. Any advice would be appreciated!

stronglymen says August 4, 2014

How you promote teespring t-shirt on facebook, I mean, how you places your teespring url? Is facebook allow you to put your affiliate link on ads, or what method do you use, are you using fanpage?

Akshay Jain says September 5, 2014


Very inspiring article but if I am not wrong, One cannot use User IDs anymore for affiliate products like CPA and TS. As facebook is banning the ads account.

But solution to that so far I am able to spy is to use custom URL instead of direct TS URL while promoting it via. Ads. Facebook will hardly come to know the intention of scrapping User IDs.


    Bank says September 7, 2014

    Yes. Facebook UID scraper can’t be used anymore. We need to adapt and find another method 🙂

arti says March 15, 2015

Does this method still works?

Thank you.

    Bank says July 31, 2015

    Nope. You can’t use UID anymore

jemy says July 31, 2015

what the alternative software instead of fbsniper and leadjacker?…do you have any recommended solution?

    Bank says July 31, 2015

    Just answer your question in the latest post. Anyway, I’ll post it again here lol

    “Hey Jemy, Facebook doesn’t only ban those software but it also bans the way we create the custom audience with UID too. So, I don’t use any tools and the method I used last year anymore.”

Emily Johnson says March 31, 2016

Really a very nice post, Teespring is doing a great job its a great income opportunity to earn from tee income. Thanks for sharing your experiences here. Facebook advert. is a good way to get sales and good percentage of ROI

Michael says September 30, 2016

Hello Bank,

Nice post, to bad it does not work enymore. I want to start my first teespring campaign. Do u have any fresh writtin article for me to learn from so i can kick off my first campaign???

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