Part 2: The Unbelievable Truth About LHS Designs.

“Wow, this business model is awesome. I can do it all myself!”

Judy, one of my subscribers, told me this when I introduced this business model to her. She is an internet marketer who loves the passive-income business.

She looked very excited and ready to launch her own Low-Hanging System business.

BUT, I recommended that she hire someone to do the work for her. The work is quite boring, in my opinion.

She still insisted she could do it by herself. She wouldn’t get bored. She could do it all day long.

I said, "OK, give it a try."

When I got started, I did everything by myself, too.

The basic workflow for this business model is:

- Research niches.
- Create designs.
- Upload them to GearBubble and Amazon.

That’s it.

Very simple, right? Anyone can do it.

I did it by myself for few weeks after I discovered that ugly designs can be sold.

There was no way I’d pay my graphic designer to create simple designs like this.

So the Photoshop noob (me) started working by himself.

Adding black text to a design was so damn easy!

I thought I saved lots of money on hiring by doing this.

BUT, I spent lots of time on it. I couldn’t move myself to do another important thing.

The worse part was that the sales wouldn’t come fast, after I’d put in a shitload of work.

The first 1 or 2 sales came few weeks after I listed a few products on Amazon.

But that’s because I didn’t feel tired when I uploaded the products. I just did the old "set-it-and-forget it."

It was just the "test phase", so I didn’t concentrate on it much.

BUT the time passes slowly when we work, right?

When it came to the "serious working phase", I needed to work intensively. I needed to consistently upload products, every single day.

10 products a day. 20 products a day. And so on…

That’s boring!

It was even more boring when I didn’t get more sales.

You know that I’m talking about.

When you work super hard, but it doesn’t pay off. Yes, that’s the feeling I had.

Then, a few weeks later…

Judy told me that she’d quit.

She said she’d worked hard, but made just few sales through her business model.

She said, "I worked my butt off, but it just doesn’t pay well."

I wasn’t surprised. It was just as I’d expected.

It’s very difficult to do it ourselves, because it’s very boring.

Consistency is boring – but it'll grow your business. It’s not fun, but it’s essential.


If it’s an easy task that anyone in the world can do, why do it yourself?

Let’s recall the working process again:

- Research niches.
- Create designs.
- Upload them to GearBubble and Amazon.

Just hire some people to perform the process. All the boring jobs will be handled by them.

You’ll get the consistency back.

I told Judy to try again, but this time to try hiring some people to work for her.

At least for the design part. Don’t do that yourself. There are so many good designers out there.

Hire them.


1. The LHS workflow is simple. Anybody can do it, but it’s quite boring.

2. Consistency is the key to success in the LHS business model. You have to list new products every single day.

3. People will get bored faster when their hard work doesn’t pay off.

4. The way to end this boring work is to find someone to work for you.

5. Hiring people is expensive! We shouldn’t hire people to create those ugly text-based designs! Do you agree? Think carefully about your answer.

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