Part 3: The Unbelievable Truth About LHS Designs.

Building a team became the engine powering my Low Hanging System business.

"Hiring is expensive. Working with a graphic designer is a damn headache!"

Judy told me this when I suggested that she find someone to work for her.

She didn’t want to spend a cent. She wanted to keep all the bucks she earned from this business for herself.

But she didn’t realize that she’d already spent money on another currency: TIME.

If she doesn’t hire somebody to work for her, she needs to spend time to do it herself.

Most of us never realize this. We think we need to save money to make money.

That’s not the kind of business I’m looking for.

I don’t want a business that consumes much of my time. I prefer to create something and earn passive income over the long term.

Judy asked me why she should hire somebody to create the simple designs like these if she can do them herself within a few seconds.

But doing this is the #1 mistake most people make when they start out in this business.

They think they can do it all by themselves. People trade their time to make money.

I did it all myself too, when I got started. I thought the same way as Judy, and like other people.

BUT, luckily, I got bored really fast.

After I did it all by myself for a while, I went to talk with my designer and asked him to create the "ugly" designs for me.

This time, I never checked what he had done for me. Since they were simple and ugly designs, I just hired another VA to check them for me.

If I checked them myself, I might have asked my designer to revise them again and again.

I didn’t hire just a graphic designer. I also hired a VA to check the designs, create the products, and upload them to Amazon for me.

I got new designs very fast. My products were listed on Amazon very fast, too.

Expensive? No…I paid my graphic designer just few cents per design. He agreed to it because he could do the work really fast.

(I will tell you more about how I convinced him later.)

That’s right. Each design cost only a few cents. Seriously, you shouldn’t do them yourself!

Was managing this a headache? No, because I never checked anything. Another VA was saving my ass.

Having a team completely changes the way I carry out this LHS business.

I have new products, with new and unique designs, uploaded to my Amazon account every day.

I also get consistent sales every day, too.

That’s because I have a team. SO:

The #1 rule is - don’t do it by yourself.


1. A simple text design is not too expensive if you know how to find the right graphic designer.

2. Even you can do it yourself, don’t. You will get bored really fast. Again, "consistency" is the key.

3. Working with a graphic designer is easy. Just find another person to work with him or her. 

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