Part 4: The Unbelievable Truth About LHS Designs.

"They said the salary was too low!"

Judy told me that she’d talked to many graphic designers and asked them to create designs for her.

When the time came to negotiate the price, she offered them $0.5 per design. 10 Designs per day, $25 per week.

Most of them rejected it. They said the rate was really cheap. They would create one design for $15, nothing less.

Well, that was for a complex design. Not for the ugly text-based designs we want.

Anyway, even when Judy told them this, they still rejected her offer.

Most graphic designers think that it’s better to work with a few clients and get a higher salary. Working with too many clients is a headache for them.

I agree with that point.

It took a few times for me to persuade my graphic designer to accept this rate as well. He thought it was not worth his time to do it.

But I showed him how much he would get if the model worked, so I could hire him to do more work.

I could also hire him for the long term and more work if I could make consistent sales.

My case was easier to make than Judy’s, because I wanted to go BIG when I got started.

I didn’t want to start with just 10 designs a day. I wanted 50 designs a day. I had money from other projects to fund this business.

That was 5x different.

It’s hard for designers to find clients who will hire them for the long term. Most clients vanish after they get their work.

My situation was different. I wanted to do this business for the long term. And the work was VERY EASY compared to other graphic design work.

I just want an ugly simple text design.

Easy work. Stable salary. That’s hard to reject.

One of my graphic designers has been working with me for over two years now.

He also thanked me, because he can use his salary to support his sister’s tuition.

Here’s the photo he showed me. :)

He’s happy. And I’m happy, too.

But back to Judy…

It was difficult for her to start hiring at this pace. She still had fears about hiring people.

After she’d tried to find people for a while, she was back to doing the work by herself again.

Don’t be like Judy.

The good news is, I have something that can help Judy.

And it can help you, too.

BUT… maybe not all of you.


1. The cost of designs is cheap if you can offer a graphic designer a good amount of money and long-term work.

2. When you find a good designer, he or she will be happy to work with you for a long time.

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