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The Lander Has Officially Landed!

Hi all,

From the previous post, I introduced you to AffLanders. There are many people that have contacted me about this tool. Basically, I developed it to help myself quickly create a landing page. As I’ve seen when I perform split testing, there are just 7-8 templates I usually use.

Here are some templates provided by AffLanders.


I’m too lazy to write a code to create the same layout every time I want to test a landing page. As there are couple of fixed layout, I develop the system to generate those; from there, all I need to do is just insert text or images.

This tool is very useful because it helps me to create a landing page in just a few clicks. Also, I focus on PPV advertising so I add many features, such as visitor’s geographic information or a countdown timer to the system.

Without these functions, I need to search around using Google to find the code and manually install it on my landing page. That takes a significant amount of time. So I’ve decided to add it to my system.

This way, when I need to add a countdown timer or visitor’s location to my landing page, I just click on the position of the landing page I want and click a button to add them. That’s all I need to do!


I plan to add more functions to my system later on. Currently, there are existing customers that have asked me to add many interesting functions. I’m very happy with the response I’ve gotten, and I’ve prepared the system to add more soon.

If you are interested in using AffLanders, you can visit this link. Currently, the price is just $5 a month. When there are more features, I’m going to increase the price, but if you sign up today, you will get early access to all of the tools I’ve released so far for just $5 a month!

About the Author Bank

Bank has been working in the affiliate marketing industry since he was an undergrad in 2008. His favorite traffic source is PPV (Pay-Per-View). In 2013, he started sharing his journey on this blog and developed to help people create PPV landing pages.

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buki says March 20, 2014

Hey Bank, is this tool still available and can it be used to make top quality Landers like the ones used these days?

Is the $5 plan still available?

buki says March 20, 2014

Oh by the way, I’m inquiring about gaming specifically…


Rolando says February 12, 2015

Hi Bank,

I can create landing page, sales pages, pre-sell pages, funnel pages with your lander software? I am newbie and i want to begin doing PPV..

    Bank says February 12, 2015

    I don’t have a plan to provide those services yet because the landing pages in my campaigns are never complex like that. What you asked, I think it’s kind of a software to sell info products, right? I’ve never done that with PPV.

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