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Don’t let traffic lost hurt your overall ROI!

Hi guys,

Recently, I checked the statistics of my affiliate campaigns in CPVLab and found that there is a large amount of traffic lost in my campaigns. As you guys know, I generally use PPV as my main traffic source and this kind of traffic can send lots of visitors to your campaigns constantly. If your server doesn’t have high enough performance, it will not be able to handle this flood of traffic.

Let’s imagine that you spend $30 for PPV traffic and the cost per view is $0.03. So your campaign should get 1000 views. Then, let’s say your payout is $5 and conversion rate is around 5%, so the earnings you get should be $250, right? But these numbers are just the ideal. In fact, it’s impossible to get these numbers due to the natural way PPV traffic works; most people usually close the popup window before the landing page is shown and your tracking software will not be able to redirect visitors to the landing page 100% of the time. Because of this, the traffic you usually send to your campaign from $30 should be less than the ideal numbers for 20-30% due to these problems.

But, last week, I found that my traffic loss was about 38%. That’s crazy, right? I spent $30, but I got traffic worth $15 while the other $15 disappeared without me getting anything back. That day, I found this problem was caused by the slow loading of my VPS (or Virtual Private Server) due to the high traffic volume I sent per minute. I checked the statistics of the previous month in my CPVLab and traffic sources I used; I found that the total number of views in CPVLab was 270,276 but the CPA network got only 167,571 clicks. There were 102,705 clicks lost from all the traffic I sent! Let’s assume that if I could make $0.01 per click; that means that I lost $1,027.05 just from a problem with my web server!

So, I asked for support from BeyondHosting, a virtual private server provider, about this problem, and they said it was because I sent too much traffic volume at one time and my current VPS didn’t have high enough resources to handle it. They suggested that I upgrade the VPS plan to increase the performance. At first, I was worried about migration because my database was very big and I had many files in my server, so I asked them about their migration service. But they said I didn’t need to do that because they could handle everything for me in just a few minutes. What good customer service! So, I agreed and let them upgrade the VPS for me with no service charges.

Since my VPS has been upgraded there is still some traffic lost, but it’s not as much as before. The traffic loss has been decreased from 38% to just around 20-25%, and this is a normal rate for PPV traffic.

If you have not decided which VPS service you are going to use, I’d recommend you to start with the VPS Starter Plan at BeyondHosting. You can use a coupon “PPVKILLER” to get a 50% discount for 6 months. Customer service here is really awesome, and I’d say that they are online 24/7 because when I contact them, I usually get a reply in just a few minutes. This is the best VPS service I have ever used.

All in all, the loading speed of VPS is very important and you should not ignore lost traffic. The more traffic loss you have, the more commission you miss. Take care all!

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