Discover More Competitors using BoxOfAds! (New Traffic Sources Revealed Every Two Days!) –
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Discover More Competitors using BoxOfAds! (New Traffic Sources Revealed Every Two Days!)

Hey guys! I just got word from Luke, the BoxOfAds founder, about some BIG news about his spy tool. If you haven’t heard about BoxOfAds yet, let me give you some brief details.

If you’ve done a bit of PPV, you know that the keys to creating profitable campaigns are offers, traffic sources, targets, and the landing page. We usually just find these things and test them. We don’t know how well offers or targets will perform until we launch a campaign and gather some data.

BoxOfAds is basically the best PPV spy tool on earth. It’ll help you explore all these success factors. Using the system you can find top-performing offers, along with targets, traffic sources and landing pages. In short, you can see ALL the things your competitors are doing. You don’t need to search blindly to find your first profitable campaign. With BoxOfAds, you can increase your success rate with every new campaign.

The problem I found was that they provided us with data from three main traffic sources (TrafficVance, 50onRed, and LeadImpact) – but there are many new PPV networks we can use in addition to these three. If you find a profitable offer, will you scale it up using just these three traffic sources? Definitely not, right? We have to scale our campaign to as many as traffic sources we can to maximize our profit.

Well, Luke just told me that BoxOfAds just added new ad networks to the system.

This means you’ll be able to explore more competitors in other PPV networks! BoxOfAds plans to reveal all the networks they’ll add to the system this week. This is a good opportunity for you to learn more about the new traffic sources so you can scale your existing campaigns to the next level. I’ll update you on the details of the new PPV networks in this post, so bookmark this page and come back in few days to read the update.


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Okay, it’s time to give you more detail about the ad networks that BoxOfAds will add to the system. You can use these ads network to scale up your campaign.

Here are the details of the new ad networks you can spy on using BoxOfAds (I’ll post updates every two days – so keep coming back!)

1. AdCash – This is a network that distributes their traffic using web pop up and pop unders. Click to Find out More about AdCash

2. DirectRev – ad delivery system, which in itself is pretty clear. It is operated by a Canadian CPM, CPC and CPA based internet advertising company in operation since 2006, offering access to more than 600 million unique monthly users and the ability to display over 4.15 billion ad views per month. Click to Find out More about DirectRev

3. Popcash – They are a small, CPM based, highly specialized ad company. In a world of media conglomerates and ad giants, finding a good niche and filling it is the only way to make a smaller ad company thrive. And I must say, Popcash is very much alive and kicking. Click to Find out More about Popcash

4. RevenueHits & SelfAdvertiser – RevenueHits ads pop up in a lot of other places, like toolbars and search engines. While the graphic ad format is completely satisfactory, it is good to know that they try to push the envelope a little and come up with different ideas. Click to Find out More about RevenueHits & SelfAdvertiser

5. Exoclick – one of the largest online advertising companies out there. To be more precise, it was ranked as the 4th largest online ad company just this year by W3Techs. It started climbing its way to this position in 2006, when it was Founded in Spain. In almost a decade it progressed and grew until it reached its current status as an advertising giant, having more than 4 billion daily impressions. Click to Find out More about Exoclick

6. Rapsio – one of the newer and still less-known ad networks and scouring the internet for info doesn’t yield many results at first. With a bit of persistence the image of the company emerges; and the best place start with it is Rapsio’s website. Click to Find out More about Rapsio


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